Aqua Erotica Launches…

Aqua Erotica Launches Today!

Good morning, munchkins! Can I ask a favor? AE launches today in bookstores and on Amazon. If you are planning on buying a copy, could you try to buy it this week? First-week sales are used as an indicator by the publisher to determine the potential success of the book; the better it does this week, the more likely they'll put money into advertising it, which means the more likely it will be to do well. If you're not sure if you're interested, you may want to read some details on the book. Thanks.

Also, if you read it and like it, *please* take a moment to write an Amazon review. Their customer reviews have been shown to dramatically affect sales, and I would really really appreciate it. That's if you like it. If you don't -- well, honesty would probably demand that you still write a review, but I won't mind if you simply maintain a kind silence on the matter. :-)

And finally, if you have a journal and like the book (or like me) and don't mind talking about erotica in public, a brief mention would certainly be appreciated.

And that's the end of our plug for today. :-)

I had trouble sleeping last night again. Just too excited -- and scared. This is a very big week for me, with AE launching today and grad classes starting on Thursday. The overriding questions in both instances -- "What if they don't like me?" "What if I'm not good enough?"

I'm arrogant/confident enough (take your pick) that most of the time I do believe I'm good enough. And I even believe that if I get the chance to actually talk to someone, most of the time they'll like me. But I have enough history as a despised geek from grammar school and high school that it's still awfully easy to revert to loser mentality. And you know, once you start thinking that way, it affects the way you act -- so that you end up just asking them to pick on you.

I try to remember that everyone (okay not everyone, but almost everyone) is terrified in strange social situations. I didn't really believe that until I got to U Chicago, where I was surrounded by geeks, and it became really obvious, because they hadn't all developed good camouflage mechanisms. Believing that everyone is just as scared as you are helps a lot. It'll probably help with grad school. I'm not sure it helps with the book, since while there are probably a whole bunch of people out there coming out with books today who are terrified, I don't know any of them...

I really ought to do my syllabus -- I did all sorts of other work yesterday, but not that. Sigh. But I can do it in the hour and a half I have for lunch, and right now, I can't concentrate on anything other than AE. It has taken over my brain. I think I better go read journals for a while and try to calm down...

Talk to you later, my dears.

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