Hey, munchkins. Day…

Hey, munchkins. Day three in sunny California.

Having a great trip so far. Didn't get much work done yesterday, but I did have a terrific time at Karen's Mafia party. I was Mafia in the first round, and we won -- and then I was Commandant in the second round, and the villagers won. I think that's actually the most satisfying way of winning -- at least for power trippers like me. :-) We played 'til 2:30, with a great group of people. Lots of interesting folks I hope I meet again. I fell asleep driving home with Jed -- good thing he stayed awake. Slept 'til 10:30 this morning; I don't remember the last time I slept so late.

Today we're mostly spending with Jed's friend Rob, who has flown into town for just today. He arrived from the airport around 11:30 and we went for a leisurely brunch. Then off to a cafe in Sunnyvale where we actually got some work done. I wrote a lullabye for little Leo, El and Ian's new son. If I can get David to help me with some chordings, maybe I can get it written up for them before I leave. Then another thousand words on "Cinderslut" (which I've been informed is the title of a cheesy porn flick :-). Going smoothly so far (knock on wood). We'll see if the streak continues. 3000 down, 6000 to go.

Also been reading graphic novels. I picked up the companion books to Books of Magic, Books of Faerie. Not as solidly good as the Books of Magic, but still satisfying. The last story in Auberon's volume was particularly good; Tim Hunter is an entirely engrossing character. And Jed loaned me the first two graphic novels in the delightful Castle Waiting series (by Linda Medley). Much fun, very charming. It's always dangerous borrowing these things from Jed -- I get hooked, and I can't really afford to keep up on graphic novels. I'm currently limiting myself to Sandman (finished, but I haven't picked up all the novels inthe set), Strangers in Paradise, and Books of Magic. Yes, I know there are tons of other tremendous graphic novels out there. Hush. I can't afford them right now. Maybe later.

Tonight, Thai food for dinner, I think. Then Rob goes back to the airport (the jet-setting life of a CTO (Chief Technical Officer)), and I'm not sure what we do. Maybe rent a movie. Jed is constantly appalled by how many movies he loves I haven't seen. I'm apparently almost unbelievably ignorant. I know, I know...I'm trying to fix it, really I am.

Oh, one last note -- I actually put on nail polish today. My toes looked so sad in their open-toe white sandals; so I caved, and bought some silver polish. It's probably been at least a year or two since I polished them. They're much happier now, even though I did a sloppy job. I did my fingernails too, while I was at it. What the heck. They're still bitten down to the nubs, though, so I don't think anyone will be hiring me as a nail model anytime soon...

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