last day of summer…

last day of summer classes

Well, it's always slightly melancholy ending a class; though a relief too. :-) I think my kids did pretty well this semester; we'll see how the final projects come out, and their evaluations. The next day or two will be a bit hectic, as I'm planning to get all my grading done and then take off Friday to spend a week or so in the Bay Area. There's a long list of things to take care of tomorrow; hopefully they'll all be done. I'm still planning on attending writing group this evening and music rehearsal tomorrow evening -- fingers crossed.

For those of you eager to get your hands on a copy of Aqua Erotica, Amazon is now saying that it'll be available August 22nd, though you can order it now. I think it'll be fairly widely available in bookstores; I asked at 57th Street when I was in Hyde Park, and they said they had ordered a few copies there and at the Co-op. Coolness. I do finally have a copy of the cover -- what do you think?

Anyone, back to grading. (Though I may take a nap first). Later, munchkins...

10:20 update. Just a quick note before I go crash -- if you like "Fleeing Gods", you may want to check out the audio version that oceania recently recorded.

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