I’m still in Chicago. …

I'm still in Chicago. I'm too tired to give you guys the whole spiel, but I am seriously considering never flying Northwest again. On Friday, my connection from St. Paul to Chicago was delayed hours and finally cancelled. I was purely lucky that Kirsten still lives in St. Paul, and came and got me and we had dinner and I spent the night with her -- otherwise it would have been a cold, lonely hotel (that I would have had to pay for). And my flight back last night was cancelled, which seriously messed with my teaching this morning. Poor students. Northwest claims that it's air traffic control doing this, but I'm pretty dubious, 'cause it was just drizzling slightly and I've flown out of O'Hare in a blizzard before. Anyway. Theoretically, I'll be back Tuesday.

It is otherwise a good trip. The rest of me (that isn't irritated) is happy. I pretty much took the weekend off from work, but I'm going to get some done today. Roshani's coming down soon and we're going to go to the Reynolds Club and work this afternoon. Ah, nostalgia.

Thanks for all the feedback on the donation/banner issue. I think I'm not going to do banners unless they offer me a big chunk of money, which is pretty unlikely. :-) And once I get things straightened out with PayPal (there's some confusion about my account), I think I'm going to put small donate buttons after the stories (and perhaps the poems), but not the journal. Any feedback on how much you think a story/poem is worth would be appreciated. Kevin thinks I should just do a dime for both, but I'm not sure. I'm also thinking of putting an unspecified general donate button on the main page, so that anyone who has just enjoyed my site over the years and wants to contribute can do so. And a P.O. Box. I miss my postcards -- back when I first started this site I had my real address up here, and asked for postcards; I got them from all over, and it was really cool. I've got a box full of them...

I'm going to get back to work; got to write an editorial for CS, also asking for money. One note -- this is the last day for the Strange Horizons design contest, so if you were planning to enter a design, now is the time. We have a few entries so far, but more would be good.

One month to launch!

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