Hey, munchkins. So, I…

Hey, munchkins. So, I managed to badly slice two fingers (thumb and forefinger of left hand) yesterday while sharpening a big butcher knife before making dinner (amma's beef stew -- mmmm...). It was quite a trick, lemme tell ya, trying to apply pressure to both of them, clean the wounds, and get bandages on them by myself. One I could have handled easily, but two right next to each other were a royal pain. The forefinger was hurting a fair bit yesterday; so I took a break from the computer and finished reading Harry (very satisfying!). Also spent a long time on the phone with various people. Today it's not throbbing anymore -- just hurts if I put pressure on it. So I'm becoming an adept eight-finger typist (with my middle finger doing about three times as much work as it's used to), which, interestingly enough, seems to be putting strain on different places in my hand, with new areas hurting instead of the same old ones. Anyway, not a big deal, despite this big long paragraph -- just a nuisance.

I had planned to write today, but I'm not sure I'm up to it. I should probably grade my students' web pages -- but that takes about half a page of typed feedback on each one, so maybe that's not such a good idea either. Feeling too active to just read. I suspect I'll just keep doing the eight-finger typing thing...

Hmm...I have music group Thursday. Wonder if I can play my recorder with these bandages. (Guitar is definitely out.) Guess I'll go find out...

2:30. Well, I can't really play. I think one of the bandages may come off entirely by Thursday; I'll just have to see how small/tight a job I can do on the other one (without cutting off circulation, of course). We'll see.

In other news, I'm well along on my interview with Nalo. She's given some great responses, I've asked some questions back, etc. It's a bit rambly right now, and may continue to be, since the lady has a lot to say in a lot of different areas. I'll try to pull it together into something coherent. I'm hoping to include a photo of her and an audio clip of her reading (so sexy!) -- and maybe even have a small Nalo contest if I can get Time Warner to donate a few copies of _Midnight Robber_.

Other than that...well, I slept. I fell asleep for two hours. I dunno why, since I slept plenty last night. It'd be nice to put it down to blood loss, but that's plain goofy -- my fingers weren't dripping for more than a minute total. We'll blame my cold, okay? I'm still coughing... (oh, and a last health note, for those curious, the doc upped my dosage to 150 mcg).

I'm going to go read stories for Callihoo! now, I think. That's the local sf/f writing group -- I've missed them. We're meeting tonight at Carol's, and since we're critiquing chapter 8 of Michael's novel, I told him to send along the other 7 chapters I haven't read. That should keep me busy for a bit.

(oh, my middle finger is getting tired!)

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