Hey, guys. I hope you…

Hey, guys. I hope you didn't take the pathetic entry yesterday too seriously; while I do want feedback, I was mostly just too tired to do a proper entry last night.

It feels somehow like there's a lot of stuff going on. Mmm...maybe that's 'cause there's a lot of stuff going on. It gets tough keeping track sometimes. And as the semester moves towards the end, it gets more frantic there too...

Still, some things do get settled. I got back my bloodwork today, and my TSH is pretty darn elevated, so they're raising my dose of Synthroid. Oddly enough, this is a good thing. It means that there's a reason I've been feeling so tired, and with any luck, we should be able to take care of it. That would be so nice...for the last several months now, I've just been exhausted in the afternoons and evenings. Hard to be really productive when you can only bring yourself to work in the morning (and Dale, I know I should exercise more, I know, I know). Good thing reading doesn't take much energy. :-)

Some good stuff -- got my copy of Wicked Words 3 today, so "Esthely Blue" is now officially in print. Which means I can put it up on my website -- woohoo! Enjoy, please. It's one of my favorites, and there are times when it feels more like autobiography than fiction.

I've also decided that for those of you following the Sri Lankan cycle, it's just gotten too complicated to do the way I've been doing. So I'm putting up a private web page with the stories, the family trees, and a brief history of Sri Lanka. It's not done yet, but soon. I won't be linking to it, since I don't want to risk any chance of publishers thinking this material is 'published'. But if you're on the readers' list, you'll be getting a note pointing you to it. Please keep that confidential.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by change, honestly. There's a lot going on at the two magazines -- people coming and go, plans changing, etc. And we're putting together a proposal for a CS book, which involves some planning. And I'm behind on the incorporation stuff. :-( Tomorrow I take the big fat Nalo Press book to Barnes & Noble with me and dedicate a few hours to that.

And there's travelling too, which is normally good, but there's so much of it. Meep. I'm flying to Chicago for my birthday in late July. I was going to spend a week in the Bay Area in mid-August. Labor Day weekend I'll be in Chicago again for WorldCon. In late September I may need to go out to Connecticut. This is all good, really, but...dunno. Just feeling overwhelmed. Thinking of skipping the Bay Area trip. :-( Need to decide in a week or so, to get cheap tickets. I just dunno...it shouldn't be such a big deal, since usually I mostly just work while I'm out there, and I get the company of people I love in the evenings, which is lovely. But still. Meep.

Maybe it's just 'cause I'm not feeling great. I'm okay today, but last night I was pretty queasy. I called Kevin and he stayed on the phone with me until I felt better (two hours later), and actually it was a good phone conversation. A little random and unfocused, but nice. It's odd -- I expected to feel kinda awful about us with him in Chicago, but somehow we've just been really close the last month or two, and so I feel fine about us. Good, even. Maybe it's just 'cause we're both trying, and determined to not let this separation hurt us. Determination counts for a lot. :-)

Okay, sorry, now I'm really just rambling. The conversation last night was a lot like this. :-) I'm gonna go watch Star Trek instead (sheesh, there's been a lot of tv in my life lately. It's okay 'cause I'm sick, right?)

Have a good weekend, dears.

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