Well, firstly, I have to…

Well, firstly, I have to show you this article Jed pointed me to -- this may be the coolest science thing I've heard about in quite a while. Just thrilling (though as an occasional writer of sf, may I note that it's getting harder and harder to even keep up with scientific progress, much less foretell it?).

Most of the work I've done today has been updating files on the EROS workshop; it's definitely running again, but there's still a few more things to take care of. Not sure what else I want to work on; I suspect I'll mostly be doing fiddly things today, finishing up bits and bobs of stuff, laggardly e-mail, etc.

Hmm...nothing else exciting to say, I suspect. Just working at Jed's today while he's at the office, reading Doonesbury in between answering mail and such. Pleasant breeze from the porch. Occasional chats with Roshani. Nice day.

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