First note is that the…

First note is that the EROS Workshop is down. I've set up a new list at: If you're a member of the workshop, please go there and sign up; we'll figure out what to do from there. It's a nuisance, but might actually be better for the list in the long run.

Other changes -- I've bought Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. :-) I assume I just find a local ISP, sign up with them, and then get them to host that? I feel very ignorant here. But I'd like to move all my pages over to there in the next month or two. Lanminds has been blocking a fair bit of mail from adult sites (part of their automatic spam filter), which is a fair nuisance when Jane or others want to write to me, so I really need to move elsewhere -- and I'd like to make one final move, get listed properly everywhere, and never have my readers worry about finding me again. Help?

I'm going to call the poll results final now, though I expect a few more responses will trickle in. So, at 92 votes, that's about 3 times as many readers as I thought I had! Meep. I know there are journals with readers in the thousands, so I'm not sure why this feels like a lot, but it does. Maybe it's 'cause I've only heard from about 15 of you. I thought there were about 15 lurkers...instead there are closer to 80! But welcome, anyway. You don't have to write to me if you don't want to. :-)

The readers are predominantly male, which doesn't surprise me, but I am glad that a solid third of them are female. It's not that I don't like males -- I do! Truly! But balance is a good thing. And we have three who voted 'other' -- I'm not sure if those are transgender people, mistaken votes, or just people trying to mess with the results, but in any case, it's interesting. (If those three people wanted to write and tell me which they were, I'd be very curious. But that's entirely up to you, of course.)

The age poll was similarly interesting. The one 0-10 was an error (bad Shmuel! :-). But I note that I have three teenagers; meep. Hope you're enjoying the journal, and I'll just hope you're in the 18-20 section of the range, and not the 11-13. :-) The majority of readers are in my age group, the 21-30's (29 of you), but the 30-something's run very close behind (28 of you). That's the bulk of my readers right there, which isn't really surprising. Then the groups drop off, with 14 40-something's, 6 50-something's, and 2 60-something's. Welcome, all. And a very special welcome to our single 70-something; I'm honored to have you here. I'm a bit surprised that the ramblings of a 28-year-old doesn't bore you to tears, but welcome in any case.

I've found the poll really interesting; I hope you guys have too. I'm tempted to post a poll question asking you if you did. :-) But I actually have a real question I want to ask you, so I'll ask that instead...two, actually.

You probably thought I'd forgotten all about this CD thing...

Journal Readers - CD Poll

Would you buy a CD of me reading my stories and poetry?

Yes - stories only
Yes - poetry only
Yes - mix of stories and poetry
Sorry, no.

Current Results
Journal Readers - CD Cost

How much would you pay for such a CD? (I'm not sure how much they'll cost to make.)

$5 - $10
$10 - $15
$15 - $20

Current Results
Thanks for voting! This'll help me decide whether to do it or not, and in what format.

More later, probably. Now I need to go do some work...have a good weekend, my dears.

2:00 p.m. Well, I've spent hours at the computer; my back hurts, the tendons in my arm hurts, and I'm going to take a good long break now -- but did I do what I was supposed to do today, a final stab at a revision of "Silence and the Word"? Of course not. Instead I did a whole bunch CS stuff (still good), and a whole bunch of messing with my pages (not nearly as good). Had fun, and I *think* both the stories page and the publishing credits page look much better (and are finally updated), but really, it probably could have waited until after more urgent things were done. Ah well...

Gonna go eat some lunch, read for a couple hours, and then really try to nail down that essay. It starts out strong, but peters out at the end...

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