Ugh. There’s been a…

Ugh. There's been a fair bit of tension and sparks on one of my mailing lists, and I am intimately involved in the brouhaha, which has just barely missed, I think, turning into a flame war. Fingers crossed. The whole thing has me dreading checking e-mail...which just sucks, since normally checking e-mail is a pleasurable activity. Usually I have a lot more pleasant e-mail than painful. Ick ick ick.

At least my teaching went well today -- very smooth. And I indulged myself yesterday and bought The Lives of Dax, which I enjoyed thoroughly (though it was totally fluffy). Jadzia is so sexy...I think it's that cool, slightly amused restraint of hers. Almost Vulcan. Ezri is a little too new-puppy for my taste. I think I'm usually attracted to people who seem more accomplished, or more together, or more witty, or more intelligent than I am -- which would help explain where all my in-relationship-insecurities come from. :-)

I'm going to go plant my new basil now! :-)

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