(David and Jed’s…

(David and Jed's birthdays!)

Running log:
Ran 3.5 blocks. Walked 2.5 blocks. Throat burning, rest of body fine.

No, you haven't wandered into someone else's journal by mistake. Yes, that's a real running log above. Yes, I really got up this morning, threw on workout clothes, carefully did not look in the mirror, went outside, and ran a little. But please to also note that my throat started burning within a block, that I had to alternate running and walking so I could breathe, and that the 'blocks' mentioned above are little neighborhood blocks, which Kevin tells me are half the size of real blocks. I don't think the real runners are going to have competition anytime soon.

That's okay, really. The point isn't to become a real runner, it's to stop being in such pathetic shape. I mean, truly pathetic. Very sad. Like I take the elevator to avoid walking up two flights of stairs. I take the elevator to avoid walking up a long slope, even. And I certainly wouldn't complain if I lost a few pounds -- it's spring weather here (almost summer), and I'm not going to be able to disguise that flab with cleverly-chosen clothing much longer. If I have to choose between between disgustingly flabby in public and being disgustingly hot in long-sleeved disguising clothing, I'll choose being flabby -- but I'd rather avoid having to make that choice.

I actually bought the sneakers months ago. I think it was around one morning in October when I woke up, thought, "I should go running", realized I didn't have sneakers, and rolled over and went back to bed. A few mornings of that convinced me that I'd better at least buy the damn sneakers so that if I didn't go running, it was entirely because of a lack of willpower, not a lack of proper footwear. So I bought them. Then I got busy. Then it got cold. They sat quietly unworn in my closet for months.

But now they've been worn, and the question is -- will they be worn again? Will Mary Anne actually keep this up (it took all of ten minutes, after all, so she can hardly complain that she doesn't have time in her schedule), or will she bag on it the way she bags on all her exercise attempts? Maybe keeping a public running log will help, even if it does mean her readers now know her for the wimpy-ass she is. Oh, the shame...

Seriously, though -- I would have run longer if I could have kept my throat from burning. I actually enjoy sprinting especially. Am I breathing wrong or something? My body didn't really get tired (oh, a little bit of jelly in the legs, but not much), but my throat....ick.

My pulse rate was up good, though, which is something. Gonna go stretch now, and THEN make tea. (That's the new rule -- no tea until after running. How's that for a motivator?) I may come back and chat later. I fell asleep at 7 with all sorts of things undone, and I simply must send out a newsletter ASAP.

2:41 p.m. I got into the Ph.D. program! Oh lord...

I'm going to be in Utah for five more years!

Excuse me...I'm going to go have a heart attack. I'll talk to y'all later...

(and yes, I'm thrilled...:-)

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