I’ve been wait-listed…

I've been wait-listed for the Ph.D. program at Utah.

This is actually thrilling. Sure, it would be better to be accepted, but even a wait-list (I'm apparently in the top third of those on the list) is a validation that I didn't really realize I was craving until I got it. Of course, I know that people like my writing. I even know that editors and publishers like my writing. And when I got into the M.F.A. program, I knew that at least a little piece of academia liked my writing -- but that was years ago, and how hard can it be to get into one of those anyway? There are tons of them around. So knowing that I have at least a shot at getting into a serious Ph.D. program -- one of the best in the country -- is hugely reassuring. Even if I don't get in here this year, next fall I'll do a full spread of applications (and apply here again, dangit) and feel like I have a decent shot of getting in.

Maybe I do have a chance at that Pulitzer someday. :-) A girl can dream, can't she?

Of course, to do that, I have to write. I did manage to do an exercise yesterday that might turn into a story, but the fact is that I get so caught up in other projects that I really only write fiction once a month, if that. I'm adjusting to the academic lifestyle, so it's not causing me quite as much frantic-ness, and Aqua Erotica is finishing up, so hopefully that ratio will improve a little. We'll see...

David sent me an e-mail yesterday, after I told him I had no time for a phone conversation this week:

Suggested titles for your memoirs, c.2040 AD:

  • "My Schedule Is Pretty Full Right Now"
  • "Let Me See About Next Saturday"
  • "I Won't Be Able to Get Around to That For a Few Weeks"
  • "A Stack of Papers, A Pile of Stories, A Hundred Emails: The Mary Anne Mohanraj Story"
  • "The Multitasker's Tale"
  • "Juggling for Fun and Profit"
  • "There Is No Time, I'm Afraid"
Heh. Very funny.

Things to do today: taxes, cover letter for academic jobs, finalize Bla-Bla contract, office hours with students, schedule computer room for Monday after Spring Break, talk to Kevin about next year

Things to do tomorrow: plant pansies and primroses, clean apartment, pack for East Coast trip, clear desk -- whatever it takes to do so :-), proof first set of galleys, be sure phone bill dispute is settled, collate Suzette materials if there's time

Things to do Friday: teach, collate author corrections on galleys, Fed Ex to Melcher, mail teaching applications, early dinner with Kevin, show him how to water plants, and get to the airport by 6 p.m.

What am I forgetting?

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