Well, yesterday I spent…

Well, yesterday I spent six hours playing Caesar and the rest of the evening being sick. It seems that too much time watching my little citizens run around at high speed does weird things to my body, since this happened last time I played a lot of Caesar too. I guess I need to set a time limit on my playing. Nuisance.

And of course, being nauseated meant that I was in no shape to grade, so today is all-grading, all-day-long.

But despite that, I'm actually in a really good mood today. Maybe because my apartment is finally getting really clean again (in between papers) -- Karina is a bit messy, and it's just not worth trying hard to keep it totally clean while she's visiting; she needs a spot to dump her newspapers and her clothes. Also cooking for two (often three) made a lot more dishes. I still have two bags of garbage to take out.

And maybe I'm happy because the biotech papers this semester are a lot better than last semester. I *think* the students' writing is better than it was last semester at this point...and I *know* they're presenting much more balanced arguments on the subject than they did last semester. Partly that's 'cause more of them are upperclassmen, but I do think that partly it's 'cause I did a better job teaching the material, which is of course satisfying.

And maybe I'm just happy. :-)

I'm going to go make some mac and cheese, take out the garbage, get dressed and take a class's worth of grading to the bookstore for the evening, I think. There are a few too many distractions at home -- a class should take me about 3.5 hrs to grade, and the one I did earlier today took more like 5.5...but it is so nice having a clean sink. :-)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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