Meep! Overslept! Must…

Meep! Overslept! Must run out the door in about two minutes, but just wanted to note that I am back safe and sound and had quite a good time at the convention -- more details will follow. Did get very little sleep which undoubtedly explains why I overslept.

And if you're wondering why you haven't heard the final details on Aqua Erotica, that's because we've sent the manuscript over to Crown, but until they give us final approval, we can't send any acceptances and need to hold a few of the maybe pieces in reserve. Very sorry about this -- I've never worked with so many levels of approval before, and it's a more complex process than I'd realized. I'll do better next time at keeping people appropriately informed, though I realize that's small consolation for those hanging in the lurch right now.

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