Well, I’m feeling a…

Well, I'm feeling a little calmer this morning, as might be expected (it being morning and all...) Susan came over and worked yesterday evening, and Kevin stopped by for a bit, and they were both very cheering. I'll try to talk to that professor today and try to give her a better sense of why I want to do a Ph.D., and she can hopefully give me a better sense of whether this would be the right place for me to do one.

I also get evaluated by my students today, but I don't see those evaluations 'til after grades are turned in next week, so the stress is delayed.

It's a little hard to believe the semester's ending. I hope they've learned something. I asked a student as she was leaving office hours yesterday what she remembered learning in the course. Her response: "Never end a paragraph with a quotation!" Well, that's something, anyway. She even knew why, and when you might make an exception to the rule...

Tonight is a Clean Sheets scheduled chat (I think), from 8-9 p.m. EST. Maybe. I need to check the schedule, which isn't up yet, but it should be on the table of contents page when Brian uploads the new one today. In any case, I'll try to be there, so if any of you feel like chatting and have sufficient computing power, feel free to stop by.

I'm off to go teach them a few more rudiments of style. Have a good day, munchkins. Play in the snow. (It snowed again last night; the branches are thick with heavy tracings of snow and the sky is an icy blue as we wait for the sun to rise...)

12:35. Lunch break. Well, I talked to that professor, and clarified that indeed what I'm interested in is what they do, and that I need to submit something more complex for my application. ("Minal" is apparently too easy to read...and that sounds goofy, but I know what she means -- they want dense. I can do dense. Whether I can do dense and maintain control of the material...well. We'll see.) So I'm going to go back through the material from my M.F.A. thesis and see what I can work on over break and get into appropriate shape to submit. That is of course *after* I revise Seven Cups, since that's due in workshop in a week and due in the anthology not long after (sooner if possible).

I also need to do laundry and dishes at some point. Last pair of clean socks today, so I guess that point is soon.

Okay, I'm babbling. It's just 'cause I have ten minutes before I need to go teach my last class, but maybe I'll just go read more Helen instead. Columbine, this is your fault. I was hooked from the beginning, and only confirmed in my passion when David Bevington (my favorite college professor) was introduced. Though Peter apparently (from some other comments on his pages) wasn't nearly so fond of Chicago as I -- it sounds like he went to a different school, actually. He has a lot of criticism about the lack of community at Chicago -- what with theater and Skiffy and the bi group there seemed to be too much socializing in my life there, rather than too little. But I'm weird, I know.

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