Ah, the last two weeks…

Ah, the last two weeks of the semester. I'm back in get-up-before-dawn-and-work-until-after-midnight mode, and probably will be for the next two weeks or so. I did sneak a little time this afternoon to do some shopping; Susan kept me company and helped me choose a really nice used coffee table...I've been needing one. Then mostly worked at Borders with a few breaks for buying candles and holiday fripperies. I love decorating the place for the holidays. I'll probably save that spiel for another day, though, since I could go on and on about it and it'd probably bore you all to tears and I really need to grade one more paper before I go to sleep.

Short entries for the next two weeks, I'm afraid. Bear with me. I'll be sane again soon and I solemnly swear that I will never ever again commit to teaching four classes, editing an anthology, and continuing to oversee Clean Sheets all in one semester. Not to mention starting a new relationship (which I've really been neglecting shamefully with all this work) and maintaining the old one (though Kev and I have been remarkably calm and stable for months now, which is quite a relief -- maybe we're just both too busy to manufacture crises... :-)

Well, a paper, and then my sweet bed. Sleep well, munchkins.

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