Real entry soon, I…

Real entry soon, I promise. Maybe even later today. But in the meantime, I promised a friend from college that I'd plug *his* friend's game...


So. People at or near the U of C have given birth to a card game describing college life. The game is called Chez Geek, and here's the description I put on my lame-o web site (so y'all don't have to go there to look it up):

Chez Geek is a card game (though not a "collectable card game"; you only need one pack) for 2-7 people which, a little too aptly, describes my^H^H life in college. You and the other players are roommates in a giant apartment, and your entire goal in life is to gain happiness (slack). Each player has a different occupation, and different jobs have different slack goals for winning. My first time playing the game went something like this:

Me: Hey, look, I'm a Corporate Drone.
All: That's more Jose, isn't it?
Me: No, no, it's my job!
*rules explained*

Me: Okay, as as Corporate Drone, I get a lot of money, but no free time. So I'm going to go out and buy stuff, since that's all I can do. But first, I'm going to call someone to come out and hang out in my room. Umm... okay! My cat, Feliz, comes to live with me! That's one slack.
K. (prematurely bitter?): Oh, yeah? But () she pisses all over your bed! -1.
Me: Aaaah! Too much like life!
Next person: Okay, my turn. I go to a cast party to look for nookie, and then I get some sleep.
P: *plays card* But you don't get any sleep, because there's a car alarm going off!
All: Aaaah!

The artwork (done by John Kovalic, who also does Dork Tower ( and editorial cartoons) is just excellent, and the cards look much better than I'd expected they would. Steve Jackson Games did a superb job making this game, and I'm very impressed. Everyone needs a to go to ( to buy a set!

Sample Chez Geek Cards at (


Okay, duty done. I may buy a set for myself...but *after Christmas shopping is over*. :-) Talk to y'all later...

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