Well, at the moment I’m…

Well, at the moment I'm trying to be calm and not take this criticism to heart. There are some good comments in here too, but it's mostly unpleasant stuff, which makes me wonder why I bother posting things in the Indian community at all -- I *know* they're going to be more resistant than the general public. Of course, part of the reason I write stories like "Minal" is so that they might speak to people in that community... ugh. It makes me want to not read story commentary at all, and in fact, I know authors who refuse to read critics, but it's a little difficult when Sulekha gives readers the option of e-mailing the comments to the author. I don't know they're going to be unpleasant when I open the e-mail. Ah well.

We're discussing setting up such a system on Clean Sheets too, actually. And I really am in favor of it, though I wonder if we should ask each author whether they want the comments mailed to them. Probably.

Can't talk long; must go send criticism myself -- this afternoon is devoted to writing to all the authors we're thinking about taking for Aqua Erotica and asking them to revise. And sending rejections. Meep. Best brace myself for annoyed authors. I'm glad Marcy will be handling the ones for Herotica; I just have to send my comments to her.

But basically, I'm good. Very busy as always; David visited this last weekend and Kris (Kevin's oldest friend) is visiting this weekend. I have 70+ research papers to grade by the end of next week, and an anthology to put together. Things are really bouncing along on the CS mailing list, which is great but difficult to keep up with. Hopefully when my new computer arrives (I bought a G3 on eBay! (Why? Well, I dropped Jed's laptop and busted it a month or two ago, which is part of why I haven't posted much; much less access than normal)) Monday and I get hooked up, this will all be easier to handle. Oh, and I have to revise "Seven Cups" for Aqua Erotica. I was hoping to do that today, but no dice. Maybe tomorrow.

Ummm...and I suppose it's a bit disingenuous not to mention that there's a new romantic interest in my life. But until I get permission to speak further on the subject, I'm afraid my lips are sealed.

Yes, Kev's still around. It's complicated. :-)

Miss talking to you guys! I'll try to do more of it...

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