Oh, my poor munchkins. …

Oh, my poor munchkins. Not you guys -- the students. (I guess I should come up with a different term of endearment for them, but they are so small and sad...) Many of them got their papers back today. They were so unhappy. One girl told me she'd never gotten less than an A- before on a paper; I'd given her a D.

The problem is that we're teaching argumentation; those who know how to turn a decent sentence often know nothing about how to construct and present a serious academic argument. Which is okay -- that's what they're in my class to learn, and frankly, I don't expect most of them to get it yet. But they don't understand that, and even if the D is only a tenth of their grade in the course, it's still a D. D for distressing, and discouraging, and disconsolate. Poor dears.

I did get in some semotic analysis today (we practiced on my clothes, and it was very interesting seeing what conclusions they drew about me based on them), which should help. That was often what was missing from their papers -- they had examples, but no analysis, which makes for poor evidence. They hand in another paper on Friday -- hopefully that will be better since they should understand more what I'm looking for.

Okay, you're probably sick of hearing about teaching. There *is* other stuff going on in my life. Writer's group last night was...well, interesting. One member was very frustrated with how we're critiquing lately, and decided to quit. I hope she comes back; I'll miss her in group.

I've started working on the Aqua Erotica anthology; that's going to be a lot of fun, but I'm a bit worried about finding enough 'name' writers to keep the publishers happy. Both Lisa Palac and Susie Bright said they would if they could but they can't -- they're just snowed under. I certainly understand that...but it will hurt my poor anthology. Still haven't heard back from many of the names...we'll see what happens. In the meantime, I'm having a great time reading good stories from non-name authors. I really like editing anthologies; I hope I get to do more. Which reminds me that I should contact Marcy and ask her when she plans to send me the Herotica manuscripts; I want to be sure to leave enough time for them.

Hmm...not much else to report. Fishies are fine; there's a tomato on my plant, and a bell pepper, but the jalapeno and habanero seem to be stopping with flowers. I wonder if I need to open the window so they can be pollinated by bugs? I don't really understand this stuff. It may just be too cold for them -- it's started getting chilly here. I actually turned on the heat for an hour or so yesterday morning; then I sat in bed in the patch of sunlight, grading.

I must say, I do rather like grading in the early morning. I light some candles, make tea, and sit at my dining table, pen in hand, poring over their manuscripts. I feel like a medieval editor. :-) Who thought there'd be any romance to be found in grading?

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