H’lo everyone. Have a…

H'lo everyone. Have a good weekend? Mine was pretty good, though I did spend some more of it working on this again. I refuse to feel guilty about it, since Columbine just put up far more pictures of himself than I did; and this way you also get exposed to more of Arthur's cool photography. :-) Go look at what he did with my hands...

Saturday I took the bus downtown and did a little more furniture shopping at the used furniture stores. I got a nice old pine dresser (which means that my underwear is no longer piled in the closet, and that my stereo has something other than its cardboard box to sit on) and a little white wood table for my aquarium, which I set up late that afternoon. It looks really cool, even without fish in it. :-) Lots of pretty gravel, some wavy green plastic plants (which don't look too fake, although having real ones right behind them in the sunroom does accentuate the luridness of their green) and water, of course. That's kind of pretty all by itself, and the filter makes a quiet bubbling noise that's very soothing. I think Wednesday I'll try to get some fish. Any suggestions? Freshwater only, please.

Saturday night I ended up hanging out with Mara and a friend of hers from the Communications department, April. We drank wine and ate bread and cheese and pate; thoroughly decadent. We also watched two movies: She's All That (silly but fun) and Dangerous Beauty (really good, true story about a courtesan in Venice, recommended!). Josh (a grad student) and some of his friends came by as we were finishing, and I stayed up a little too late drinking and chatting. Didn't feel so good Sunday morning. I'm out of shape for this kind of thing.

Sunday I worked. There wouldn't be anything more interesting to say, except that as I was diligently working in my cube, Clark (grad student) came by to tell me that Orson Scott Card was giving a talk on campus, and would I like to go. Hell, yes! Card turns out to be intelligent, interesting, personable, surprisingly attractive (he's 48, but looks 38), and even kind of funny. I spoke with him briefly, and managed to apologize for a rather unfair annotation of some time ago in my Alternative Sexualities booklist -- that cleared my conscience a bit, which was nice. He was there plugging his new adult fable book; a picture book, which is really cool in concept (and I do like the artist's work), but which was a little too family-values-oriented for my taste (with added connotations of 'the internet is a dangerous thing; stick close to your family instead; they're the only ones you can really trust'). Sigh. The book's called Magic Mirror, if you're interested.

Today teaching all day, pretty much. I'm on campus 'til 6:30 -- Monday is my long day. I may sneak over to the library for a bit -- I'm told they have an excellent multimedia section, with two good scanners, so if I have time and find it, I may put up some photos later today. Probably nature shots; I have one set from the Japanese tea garden in San Francisco, and another from Little Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake. Purty. :-)

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