Tomorrow, classes start….

Tomorrow, classes start. Meep!!

Things I must do today:

  • Create my syllabus and ask Adele to make 23 (students) * 4 (classes) copies for me
  • Attend orientation from 9-4
  • Read and crit two stories for workshop tonight
Things I should do today:

  • Take in some stuff to make my cube more mine; I hate gray fuzzy walls
  • Take Jacques's and Leah's novels in with me and do crits of them
  • Print out "Esthely Blue" and mail it to Ploughshares
  • Pick up temporary checks from the University credit union and pay bills
Things I should do tomorrow:

  • Put together my new aquarium (I was going to just get a fishbowl, after much longing staring at the aquariums I couldn't quite afford, but then Kevin offered to make one my belated birthday present; huzzah for birthdays! Now I just need to get it ready, and then choose some nice freshwater fish (and fiddler crabs :-)
  • Get some groceries; Roshani and Tom are coming to visit from Thursday-Sunday, and my kitchen is still pretty spotty; I think I have milk, hard cider, butter, eggs and leftovers in the fridge. This is sad.
  • Clean up the big mess of potting soil and dead plant matter in the sunroom.
  • Teach. I'm teaching four sections of the same class this fall, English 2010, with twenty-three students in each. I teach Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and have colloquium and office hours on those days, which means that unless I decide to audit a lit class (a possibility), I don't need to come to campus on Tu/Th. This is very good, since I think I'll get more work done that way. We'll see.
Sorry for the to-do-list entry...but I've got a lot to do in the next few days, and I don't want to drop any balls. On the plus side, yesterday I picked up a few more plants, including lemon basil, spicy globe basil and purple ruffles basil. I also got an asparagus fern and a ficus (sp?) tree. Pretty neat. :-) I've also decided to put the tv in the closet for now; Jed suggested putting a cloth over it, but the place where it gets the best reception blocks the door to the sunroom, so at least while R&T are visiting, I want it out of the way.

I also came home around 7-ish, did dishes, talked to Roshani, did e-mail and went to sleep, all on my ownsome. Didn't drag Kevin over (in fact, he called and asked if I wanted to come over for dinner and I actually said no(!)); didn't mope at anyone over the phone. I was feeling very proud of myself. :-) (I then had weirdo dreams all night and woke up feeling really tired, but that's okay. Baby steps.)

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