Huh. I somehow thought…

Huh. I somehow thought I'd already written an entry for today. My mind is going.

In brief, because I'm tired, today I spent a few hours on e-mail catch-up, brought my bio and home pages up to date, cleaned up the poetry and stories pages and added dates to the stories index, by reader request (see, if you ask for something, you might get it), and added "Johnny's Story" to the stories page. I also bought a hunter green papasan chair from Pier 1, had it delivered, took over some more things to my apartment, and then came home, made curry, ate it while reading more Charnas, and then went to the Callihoo meeting, where they generally liked "Minal", and one person made a very clever suggestion which should take care of my last problem with the story (the pov shift to the aunt near the end). I also managed to pin down exactly what was wrong with Julia's story, which was intensely satisfying for everyone, I think.

Still feeling sick, but it was a productive day. Tomorrow I go pick up student papers, grade them, find out when I have to turn in final grades by, and get to the university by noon; orientation starts then. It runs 'til 4; then to the grocery store to get stuff to make Indian food to feed Holly, Beverly (a couple from my writing group), and Prakash, who are coming over at six to help me take over the last of my stuff.

I'm exhausted. G'night, munchkins.

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