Definitely kinda sick;…

Definitely kinda sick; woke up coughing. Yuck. But didn't want to get too far behind here.

I finished reading/evaluating a manuscript for someone who is thinking about paying me to edit it. He's self-publishing it, and I think it's sensible of him to invest some money in an editor before he puts his baby out into the cold cruel world. The writing is good, on a sentence level, and the sex scenes are pretty hot (it's an erotic novel), but I do think I can help him with some plotting questions and character development. I sent him an estimate today; we'll see what he decides.

I'm feeling very behind; I didn't do that review for CS, or the newsletter, and I still have a pile of grading. I also need to read and crit the story for workshop tonight, but that shouldn't take too long. On the plus side, plans for the CS fund drive are proceeding apace; we're deciding on a t-shirt/mug design now (something very simple to start with). We'll be giving those out as thank-you gifts to those who donate money to our little baby magazine. (Baby's almost a year old! Isn't that amazing? On October 1st, we'll have completed a year, which just astonishes me. Having a great staff is invaluable!)

Kevin should be back by 4; we'll run around and get some groceries and some more things for my apartment, like pillows and a vacuum cleaner and a teakettle and a utensil holder and a mop and a broom and a bucket. I think that's's truly ridiculous how many little things one needs. Oh, and a toolbox, with nails. So, I'd best get to work if I hope to get much done before he arrives; afterwards I need to make dinner, eat, and then rush off to writers' group. Today is just flying by.

Despite being sick, I've just been glowing since last night. It's so good having him here again.

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