I thought about doing a…

I thought about doing a journal entry yesterday, but I was just too tired. By 8 p.m., I was too tired to read or type or watch tv. It was still bright and sunny out, so I called up friends and made them talk to me until it got late and I could sleep (Roshani, David, Kevin -- about an hour each :-).

Why so tired? Well, Wednesday we figured out that we walked about 4 miles (in the middle of a hot day) getting things and carrying things and going to look at futons and buying futons. (I still can't quite believe that I spent $650 on two futons (with frame, and one cover) -- it's a good price, but I've never spent that much in one place in my life, unless it was for something like tuition, or possibly airfare).

We were just wiped by the end of the day. I came back and made some curry for dinner; Prakash needed to go to campus, so he did, grabbing some Chinese food on the way (I think he feels bad about my feeding him -- he doesn't understand yet how much I enjoy feeding people...but he will.) Later he showed up, we watched a little tv, and then played chess. I don't know if I mentioned that I beat him the last time we played; this time, he won, but both times, it was because one or the other of us made dumb moves, not because of better overall strategy. I'm pretty sure he's a little better than I am, but as long as we both keep making dumb moves, we should be evenly matched enough that we can play without my getting really discouraged. (If only Kevin made dumb moves, then I could play with him too. :-)

Yesterday, I taught class, then went to look at some used furniture. I found a nice dining table, a large workspace that will be my laptop rest and repository of many stacks of papers, and a baker's rack that okay, I didn't need, but was $50 instead of the $200 or so they normally go for and I fell in love with it, so what can you do? All that and my futons get delivered today, and it's going to be fun figuring out where everything goes.

Assembling the futons will not be fun. Prakash and I spent three hours on his yesterday afternoon, and I'll spare you the details of how we attached things upside down and how we had to use a butter knife to hammer one piece in 'cause we didn't have a hammer -- I'll simply note that we were both literally dripping sweat by the end of it, and not in a good way.

It was after that that I came home, ate curry, and collapsed.

Today the plan is to shower, wait for the futon people to call, walk over to my apartment, call the used furniture people, get them to drop off the stuff, call Prakash to come over and help me assemble futons. Or we might go used furniture shopping first. We'll see...

I hope I get some muscles out of all this! (I'd probably have lost weight by now, but I've been eating like a pig. I had three! servings of dinner last night...)

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