Ten Things I Learned As…

Ten Things I Learned As An Art Model

  1. Nude feels different from naked.
  2. Nude is still embarrassing when little old ladies are present, even if they're busy sketching you and aren't embarrassed at all themselves.
  3. 15-second poses (athletic, please!) get sweaty pretty quick!
  4. Two hours of holding one pose, even with breaks, is more than a little painful.
  5. Your limbs fall asleep a lot too!
  6. Take lots of breaks; stretch muscles; try not to feel goofy jiggling about shaking limbs to work out pins and needles.
  7. It is important to have a sense of humor about comments such as, "Notice how round Mary Anne's head is. Her cheeks are round. Her lips are round."
  8. Try to believe the instructor when he says "Round is good!"
  9. Light-headedness is probably from forgetting to eat dinner first, not from the pain. Counting your breaths helps, and singing songs in your head. (The first act of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat takes approximately half an hour if you sing fast and forget bits).
  10. Next time, take the ibuprofen *before* the session.

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