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Heather's journalling again, and Shmuel seems semi-regular again, and I mentioned yesterday that Karen was back -- I'm a little hesitant to proclaim it, but I think the Great Journal Drought may be over -- the month when all that sustained me was my ever- reliable, beloved Columbine...(not that I should talk, considering that I was posting less regularly than Shmuel...still, it's awfully nice being able to keep up with people again...)

Speaking of Karen, in her latest entry, she starts getting mushy. Now, look here, girl. You gotta stop that sort of thing, or I'll start thinking about all the sushi we won't eat this year, and how Anna's won't have us sitting on their comfy velvet couches, talking about writing and life and love, sipping chai and splitting salads, and of course, there's the shopping... Well. I'd end up weeping all over my keyboard, and since it's a bit sticky already, I just really don't think that's a good idea, neh?

(And for the record, one can't notice that the mirror is set wrong and the lights aren't on if one's eyes aren't open...)

It's really funny that she calls me wise. I feel so not wise these days. Like I'm stumbling in the dark on 5-inch heels, after having been spun around more than a few times. Maybe we can be wise for others when we can't be wise for ourselves. That'd be really nice. I'd like to believe that one.

I'm really glad David came back out with me to visit for a week. (This is related because I miss Karen, and I'm going to miss him). It would have been much more mopey trying to do all this apartment-hunting by myself, and Kev won't be back in town 'til the 8th. I really should have a place by then. But with David here, it's been a really nice week. A lot of work catching up on things I'd fallen behind on, but classes have been going pretty well (we're analyzing movies this week for images of heroism/role models, so they get to watch tv in class, which makes them pretty happy -- snips from Batman and Superman yesterday, Dead Poets Society and Joy Luck Club tomorrow) and it hasn't been too painful running around town looking for an apartment.

I did see one beautiful place that I came dangerously near to falling in love with (it had a sunroom!), but a) it was more than I'd planned to spend and b) it was probably going to someone else who could do a two-year lease. So I'll probably settle for something not so nice, but much more practical. We'll see.

Otherwise, we've cooked some meals (made Thai curry noodles with chicken and bell peppers and onions last night), played some Scrabble (he beat me by 40 points last night, but he got 3 of the S's and both the Q and the X -- I got Z, K and J, but late in the game, when placement was difficult (yes, I'm making excuses -- hush)), talked a lot. We did go out to eat once, to Bangkok Thai, where David agreed that their Chu Chee Pak (a root vegetable curry with a really unusual sauce -- I want to know what's in it!!) was delicious. He bought me dinner, actually; that was on my birthday.

Hey, I never told y'all about my birthday presents. I got some lovely stuff this year (which makes me miss people even more, of course, but it's much better than the year when I didn't get a single present...boy, that was depressing. I know friendship isn't about gifts, but I felt awfully unloved nonetheless. I believe in birthdays. I want people to make a fuss over mine). David bought me a guitar! Now I really have to be good and practice... (I'm hoping to be much better about my music out here; I joined an SCA performing group, and I have a recorder piece that I really ought to start practicing soon.)

Jed got me a lovely bracelet and necklace, set with tiger's-eye (sp?). I already had tiger's-eye earrings, so now I have a great set. He also informed me that it's only tiger's-eye that is that gorgeous browny-gold color; the blue, red, etc. versions of that same shimmery pattern are actually cat's-eye (which I think he said was synthetic? Jed?)

Several people bought me meals -- Arthur took me out for seafood (though I'm not sure, in retrospect, whether that was a going-away-dinner or a birthday-dinner, but it was in any case delicious) and Cliff bought me brunch, and there was the Thai with David, of course. And some very nice e-mail messages and cards...

Kevin is delinquent in his presenting, but this is nothing new. I figure he manages to give a present on time about one time in ten... :-)

Some of the best presents arrived in the mail; Karina sent me a silver feather hair clip, and a little black and red sparkling hair thing, and best of all, this neato device -- a singing bird that sits in your pots and chirps if your plant needs water. It's got long prongs that go down into the soil, with metal tips, and when there isn't enough water in the soil, the current in the battery gets weakened, which triggers chirping. I think. If I understood it right. But I've never seen anything like it before, and I was very impressed. It even has a light sensor, so that it doesn't bother you by chirping at night.

And funniest present has to go to Shmuel, who sent me a lovely reference book, with a book cover which said "Don't Panic!", and wrapped in a deep purple towel. Quotes from Hitchhiker's also covered that homemade wrapping on the package. Very charming indeed -- it made me laugh out loud.

Well, I think I've procrastinated long enough. Back to work; I'll talk to y'all tomorrow, with any luck. :-)

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