“You know, women don’t…

"You know, women don't do this." That was Columbine kvetching about male construction-work-comments. And I'll agree that women don't do that so often -- make their derogatory comments loudly and in your face, so they're hard to avoid.

Instead, they make they quietly behind your back, so they're impossible to argue with. Too many women seem to think it's perfectly okay to be friendly and affectionate to another woman's face, and then turn around and shred her weight, her clothing taste, her appearance, her sleeping around or lack thereof, etc. ad nauseum. It's one of the things I hated most about some of the teenagers I went to high school with, and something that disgusts me about some women (*not* my friends, thank god) that I know now.

Give me an honest male comment any day. At least I know what I'm fighting. And if you give back as good as you get with the construction-worker-types, they generally respect you for it.

Anyway. Sorry, mini-rant. Other news: Prakash has gone; it was nice having him around and he did find a place, but I don't think either Kev or I got any work done while he was here. And tomorrow another friend of Kevin's arrives, Herb. But he'll only be here for a day, so it shouldn't be a problem. (The problem is that he's arriving at 5 a.m. on Greyhound, and guess who volunteered to go pick him up? Kev doesn't deserve me.)

Speaking of which, judging from the e-mails I've gotten, there appears to be a bit of confusion regarding my plans for next year. If I stay in Salt Lake, I won't be living with Kevin -- I'll be trying to live on my own (though possibly in the same building, if a spot opens up here). Given how much work we both want to get done next year, it seems to make the most sense; we have a really bad tendency to cuddle and watch hours of tv when we're living together. Hours and hours and hours. I think I've caught up on all the critical Friends episodes now (Ross and Emily's wedding; Monica and Chandler getting together; the big Rachel/Ross fights; Phoebe's pregnancy, etc. and so on....)

We're still trying to figure out how all this would work, and I haven't heard back from the University in any case (if they say no, I may teach some classes at the community college and try to fill in with editing work). It's been a little up and down, but so far, it still seems do-able. We'll see.

Plants update: Still alive. Seem much happier in their sheltered corner. I'm actually moving them out into the sun periodically, and then moving them back -- I never thought I'd coddle a plant so much, but they make me happy, so I guess it's worth it. I got really bummed when the last batch all died.

Kev and I are driving back to California next week for a few days so I can see people for my birthday and we can attend Kris's birthday party. Then I'm coming back and he's staying to visit his folks and attend the Go Congress. It'll be odd not having him around...

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