Heya munchkins. Well,…

Heya munchkins. Well, the day isn't going quite as I'd planned (I was going to get up early and work, and ended up staying up 'til 2 again), but it's nonetheless been pretty pleasant so far. The only negative was the state of my flowers -- it's been really hot (90's), and they're feeling it. And if anyone knows what causes black edges on my spearmint, please let me know. I don't know if it needs more sun, less sun, more water, etc...

I'm finally getting through my e-mail backlog, which is very exciting. And I keep doing little clean-up things to my web pages, which I find oddly satisfying; this morning I went through the writing articles and did some organization and cleanup -- I think it's much more readable now. (the soul of a librarian...)

Learned something exciting yesterday -- I was in the grocery store, choosing tomatoes for tonight's dinner (making Armenian, woohoo!), and overheard a little old lady talking to another about folk dancing; I intruded and said something like "umm...folkdancing?" And the little old lady, whose name is Yenta (I didn't realize that was a name too...) told me there's dancing every Monday night, and every other Thursday, and more...it's apparently only the contra stuff that shuts down for the summer! So if I'm feeling up to it, I'm going Monday -- the church where they have the dances is only a longish walk from our apartment. Of course, there's still the temperature issue...but I'm sure there'll be fans going. I'll probably live.

Took a break from Narayan to dive into Nicholson Baker's latest, _The Everlasting Story of Nory_, which is just marvelous. Maybe not especially deep, but that's okay -- that's good, in fact. I think Baker gets in trouble when he tries to be serious. Fabulous frivolity, that's his strong point. In this one he does a remarkably good (and detailed, of course!) job of speaking as a young girl-child. Great fun; Nory is precocious and delightful.

Okay, I'm going to go check on my simmering beans (white bean variation on hummus, no tahini, which should be interesting). Talk to y'all later...

9:15. Well, as usual, didn't get quite as much done as I'd planned today, but I did cook one fabulous meal (white bean hummus, mezze platter, cucumber/yogurt salad, stuffed eggplant, and lamb baked in foil with red potatoes, carrots, bell pepper, feta, zucchini, fresh lemon, oregano, and mint).

Also agreed to take a look at a book I may be editing for someone who wants to self-publish; it's literary erotica, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. Could be a fun piece of work, and at least moderately profitable. He's sending it along in a few weeks; we'll see what happens.

And I did write a poem for the Clean Sheets bonus week at the end of June; not sure if the poetry editors will decide to use it, but hey -- I like it. Which is probably more important, in the long run. :-)

Have a good night, my dears.


the bones want to fly

when you are old
your skin will be delicate
   fragile as tissue paper
my breath will rustle against it
my fingers will slip over the folds
   under the creases
   slide into the secret places
     (I am always discovering
     new secrets within you)
the bones beneath that skin
   will be light bird-bones
they will want to go up
   want to fly sunward
    they will glow through
    the skin, at night, when we lie
    beneath the covers
it is too warm here
you will cry
I am burning up
  I will coax you to stay
  I will lick sweat from your pale neck
  and blow on that shivering skin
  I will lick my way down
    (I have done this so many
    many times already)
  I will lick circles on your sunken chest
  I will lick all the way down, and take you
  entirely inside my mouth
  until you lose yourself
  until you are no longer bound
  by earth and skin and bone
    (I have done this, and will
    a thousand thousand times...)
I fall asleep
  my head resting on your stomach
  one fragile arm flung over
  your thin thigh, and hip
    (it is not much to hold you down)
you will lie there in the dark
  hand buried in my silvered hair
  listening to the wind
  through the trees

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