I keep thinking I don’t…

I keep thinking I don't have time to write this entry, and I should wait 'til later, but later is fast filling up with other things to do, so a quick summary:

  • didn't have any luck scheduling a driving test, so no license yet
  • found a nice woman, Cassandra, to take my room; she moves in tomorrow and stays 'til the end of August -- a huge relief
  • apparently I have a new story out, in _Batteries Not Included_; I haven't heard any more details yet, and haven't received any comp copies
  • my room is cleaner now than it's been since I moved in (my God! the dust behind my desk!)
  • I *think* everything I'm taking will fit in my bags, but oof, they're going to be heavy; good thing I have rides on both ends
  • had a lovely dinner with Arthur last night; Breads of India, yum
  • going to have my last real Ethiopian food tonight with David -- Salt Lake City actually has many ethnic restaurants, but I don't *think* any Ethiopian ones. Pity me...
  • I can't think of anything else.
So next time I check in, it'll be from Salt Lake. More details then, I imagine. Wish me luck!

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