Hey, journal addicts; I…

Hey, journal addicts; I have a new one for you. This one's a little odd, though:

Angelica Lawson and Henry Byers

These are two academics who have started a monthly journal (that's right, just one entry a month. You can consume the whole thing over lunch) focusing on what's known as the 'two-body problem' -- how to maintain two careers in academe and not kill your partner. I could explain the whole thing in detail, but if you start at the earlier entry and work forward, I think it'll quickly become clear to those unfamiliar with the dilemma.

This is only sort of relevant to Kevin and I -- I'm not a full-time, full-fledged academic, unlike him. A lot of what interests me (writing and editing), can be done at home, so it's easier for me to move around to suit his very random career-related moves. Ideally, I'd probably be happiest with some combination of teaching, writing and editing, which means that adjunct teaching may suit me just fine (we'll see after I try some). And we don't have a kid, so while a commuting relationship is a nuisance, we can probably do it and maintain the relationship. Probably.

But this sort of thing is a lot of what we spend our time talking about lately, so I thought y'all might be interested in this couple (who face much harder decisions).

And who knows? I may go get that Ph.D. one of these years...

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