Well, y’all may be…

Well, y'all may be getting more regular updates from me in the future, 'cause it seems that now Karen feels free to send me harassing e-mail when I don't update regularly. Hmph. Just wait 'til she gets her site up. Revenge will be so sweet...

News since Monday...well, not so much. I discovered that I'd forgotten to include my transcripts in the packet I sent to SLCCC...sigh. I sent those off today, and called this morning with my reference info. The division chair says she expects to get back to me today or tomorrow, once she's reviewed my materials and what positions are currently available. Tenterhooks.

I *finally* sent off the last batch of eHow articles and printed an invoice (which I will fax today). That's a task I've been putting off for a while, so I feel a little better now that it's done. If I could just finish "The Fall" (which I'm going to do Sunday, come hell or high water), then I'd feel much less guilty about things that have been looming for a while.

I made signs to post at Mills about renting out my room, but I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to stop by and put them up. I guess I'll take them to work with me, so that if I get off early I can stop at Mills on the way home. I'm having dinner with Steve (photographer guy), so I may not have time.

Lots of silly little errands to run. The library closed before I could get my Nicola Griffith book, so I need to go back to Rockridge. I cleaned out my closet, so I also have a bunch of clothes to take to either trade (if they'll take 'em) or donate. All that will probably happen this weekend. I should make up new bookmarks for Clean Sheets, to take to Wiscon. I should update my pages with all the Wiscon info. I should take a look at "Season of Marriage" and see if I want to revise it before I submit it to SFY.

Hmm...it's going to be weird if it appears after "Minal in Winter" in this projected collection that I'm not really thinking about because it makes me nervous. The punchline will be given away -- you'll know that Raji and Vivek end up reasonably happy together. I wonder if that'll be a problem. Hmm....

Part of me doesn't want to revise it at all, since it's already in print (and all over the web) in one form. But another part is saying not to be silly, since it's clearly much clunkier and less subtle than some of the later stories. Not sure what to do on that.

Anyway, I'm going to push all this aside and go read the new mouthorgan Woohoo! :-)

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