Well, Karen has chided…

Well, Karen has chided me for not updating frequently. She (and Jed) not-so-gently quoted to me the line at the top of my home page, about updating daily. Hmph. I figure they can talk when she gets her journal on-line, and he puts up his column every Sunday without fail. :-)

One of the reasons I haven't written much this week is that Todd has, for the past couple of days, been writing my life. Well, not my life, but my relationship with Kev. It's been very odd seeing it through his eyes. I sort of knew how Kevin felt about such things, but he's not the most verbal of people, so it's kind of nice getting a detailed description, blow-by-blow. Anyway; I was more interested in seeing how their situation played out than in detailing ours, which I probably wouldn't have done anyway. :-)

And the other reason is just that I haven't been doing anything interesting. No socializing, no writing -- just working and cleaning up my room and a bit of minor gardening and working some more. Lots of that, but not on anything interesting. Been feeling a bit mopey; Friday night I spent a couple of hours watching _Four Weddings and a Funeral_ again, which I love, but which left me even more mopey than I was beforehand. (Which I, of course, knew would happen (on some level) and if Kevin had been here he would have asked me why I was picking that movie to watch if I knew it would upset me more. Self-destructive impulses, maybe? He gets nervous if I read romance novels too, as I almost always end up weepy or mad at him or both by the end, and it takes me a few hours to recover myself.)

Yesterday was lovely, though. Jed came by at lunchtime, and we eventually made it up to Berkeley. We sat in Anna's and worked -- not as much as we'd hoped, but enough to get some concrete stuff accomplished. Then we went over to Karen and Par's, where Par and I cooked Sri Lankan (he is an excellent assistant in the kitchen -- quick, competent, meek and obedient :-) and Karen and Jed talked about MUD's and VRML and such stuff. Then a long and leisurely dinner with candlelight and flowers and a little wine and much conversation. I need to do that sort of thing periodically; it reminds me that I am a civilized being, or can at least wear the trappings convincingly. Even when eating noodles and curry with my fingers :-).

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