It’s raining softly…

It's raining softly outside; it's misty and gray-green and I can't quite hear the rain even with the windows open, but I can see it if I look carefully. That's about perfect for my state right now -- fuzzy, and soft and gray-green. :-)

I have a lot of work to do today, and I would much rather do anything else than get started on it. I let myself read my journals, and I'm letting myself write this entry. But I do not get to clean my room, or clean-up after yesterday's party (much fun, thanks), or sort my papers. I might allow myself to make a to-do list, but that's it, dangit.

I really wanted to write a nice long entry about the party, and weddings, and the role such events play in society and how nice it was to see casual friends again yesterday, and how I forget how important their role is. But maybe you'll get it later, or maybe you'll get it after the next party, but for now, I think we'll all be happier if I just go work.

I'm finally getting around to being happy about that story I wrote last week. I'll send it out to you when I figure out how to get it from Jed's laptop (broken disk drive) to my desktop. I spent an hour trying to get Appletalk to work and failing. Now I'm considering hunting up a SCSI cable and mounting it as a hard drive, if I can remember how to do that. I hope Cliff wakes up soon and can help, because all my tech writing work from last week is on there too, and I need to send it in to my boss.

Cliff's a Master of Music now, btw. He got back from Austin with his degree completed Saturday night. Huzzah for Cliff!

The story is tentatively called "Lakshmi's Diary". After I send it out to y'all (and remember, if you're not on the readers' list and want to be, all you have to do it ask), any suggestions on a better name would be welcome.

Okay, I'm really going this time.

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