Morning, my…

Morning, my dears!

That was a slightly more chipper greeting than I actually feel; I'm better, but I still would rather crawl back into bed than get up and deal with the world. But I fear I've procrastinated long enough, so let's look at that list of things to do:

  • Do taxes
  • Finish "The Fall"
  • Do several eHow articles
Not so awful, eh? It's 8 a.m. now, and if I don't start reading another book (I finished that Brabury this morning -- wonderful!), or get involved in another project like the Yosemite one (you *did* look at my pictures from last night's journal entry, yes? :-), I think I can actually get most of that done today. Arthur's going to come meet me in a cafe around 3:30, though we're planning to keep working until dinner time. That'll be nice. Of course, I may be underestimating the difficulty of any of the above three items; we'll see how it goes.

Lord, I *am* having a hard time motivating. It's a grey morning -- not bright and sunny, not wet and rainy. Just grey. Reminds me of Chicago, a little. There were times in the middle of winter, when you'd trudge in to campus (half an hour in the snow), and you'd finally get there and for what? Grey stone buildings and cold grey rooms. And the professors grey too, and wishing they were home in bed. It is the best school in the world, but there were certainly times I wished it was somewhere else. Grey gothic stone buildings are all very fine and lovely and picturesque, but they are positively dreary in the winter. Even the gargoyles can't cheer you...

Eh. Listen to me. I should just do my taxes and get it over with. I'm pretty sure I don't owe anything, but there's a morbid lurking fear that I'll discover I owe them $10,000 I don't have. This is, I'm pretty sure, the last year that I can get away with not paying quarterly taxes. After this, I'll have to do this every three months. Of course, after this, I may well hire an accountant to do it, especially with Clean Sheets taxes to do too.

That *is* one bright spot this morning. A lovely new issue of Clean Sheets is up, with new fiction, poetry, and reviews, and I didn't have to fret about getting it up at all. Brian P. took care of everything. It was like magic! All I have to do is the newsletter tomorrow, and that's a little pleasure. It's fun bragging about all the great stuff in the magazine. And now I get to brag about all the great stuff I didn't even have anything to do with getting. Isn't delegation grand?

To do before Friday:

  • Do newsletter
  • Find out what weather's like in L.A.
  • Pack appropriately, trying not to fret too much about looking chic (Lisette's an actress and probably hangs out with unbearably chic types)
  • Call both Lisette and Kevin and confirm travel dates/times
  • Do more eHow articles
  • Sort through my stack of papers
  • Clear my groceries out of fridge
  • Pack laptop and story crits and disk with current work
  • Maybe do some more weeding in the large flower bed
  • If incredibly motivated, weed vegetable garden (hah!) in preparation for putting in veggies in late April
Okay, my brain is organized. My life is (heh) organized. Taxes, here I come!

10:53. Okay, yes, it took longer than expected. But the federal return is done (with an itsy bitsy refund coming :-), and hopefully the state won't take too long. Deep breath. Back in we go...

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