Well, I’m still sick,…

Well, I'm still sick, munchkins. The cough remains, and sneezing, stuffed head, etc. have joined it. Somehow we have no cold medicine in the house -- I would love some Robitussin. Guess I'll need to make a trip later today.

I have enough work piled up that I can no longer use, "But I'm sick", to avoid it. (Another good excuse was, "But people are coming..." -- El had a lovely Easter dinner yesterday (grilled lamb with mint sauce, spinach salad with balsamic vinegar, asparagus with lemon sauce, three different kinds of homemade bread, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad, mixed green salad, and trifle for dessert), so much of the weekend was spent cleaning and cooking -- and there are still dishes to do).

Things to do today:

  • Finish last week's how-to articles
  • Call Jeff and see if he still wants "The Fall"
  • Finish "The Fall"
  • Find another e-mail from someone who wants a story of mind and send it to them
  • Generally sort through papers
  • Pay another bill or two
  • Start this week's how-to articles
  • Think about what I need to get done before leaving town Friday
  • Do remaining dishes
  • Drink juice, drink tea, and get better!
3:00. Well, of the list above, I've only managed the last. This is because I was ambushed by a story. Positively waylaid as I sat down at the computer. I'm at roughly 3100 words now, and an end may be in sight. Hard to say. It's a very crotchety story with a mind of its own. (Fans of "Season of Marriage" and "Minal in Winter" may be pleased to hear that this is another tale of that family, about Minal's cousin).

I did also do *something* concrete; sent 3 articles and 9 stories to "GettingIt!" a new webzine opening up soon that has been asking me for stuff. They pay, and I've been meaning to send them something for a while. So that's a good thing. It's now too late to call Jeff, so that'll have to wait for tomorrow. I'm going to try to do the dishes before El and Ian get home ('cause they did lots yesterday), but everything else may have to wait on this story.

Although I can add a late book review and a very late newsletter to that list (for CS). Sigh. I *really* ought to get the book review at least done today. I'm setting a bad example for my new reviews editors.

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