Oof! So the magazine is…

Oof! So the magazine is finally completely up (okay, with maybe a little more tweaking to go here and there). This week was quite a crunch; we hadn't planned on doing a fifth issue in March, but we decided to go with it a week ago, and it was a real rush getting it all in. But I'm pretty pleased with the results, so stop by and take a look! New editorial and everything!

I'm not sure there *is* so much extra news. I'm pleased to be resting and catching up on stuff; my closet is *almost* clean, and I finally paid bills. I'm working through the backlog of mail, and instead of having three different urgent projects for Clean Sheets, I only have one and a half. :-) (finish training new editors; plan fund drive). Today I start the eHow articles -- Jed is meeting me at World Ground at 3:30, and we're going to work for a while, come back and make dinner, and then work some more, I think. That's the plan, at any rate. Jed and I have a tendency to talk rather than work...

I have been ignoring my coursework for weeks, but I need to start dealing with it again. Nice to have the option, though -- huzzah for online classes! Tomorrow, more eHow and some courses, I think. Might also finish a porn novella for Puritan that I started writing at least a year ago and got halfway through. I could use the money, though I suspect I'd best call Jeff first and make sure he still can use it.

It is *so* nice to be working at home. (Even if I haven't done any paying work yet. :-) I can't tell you how happy it made me to be able to get up around 7 and work, get hungry around 9-ish, and wander into the kitchen, look at what was in the fridge, and decide to make a frittata. I've never made one before, but it was really easy and fun, and it tasted *so* good. Maybe fifteen minutes to make, and well worth it. The flexibility to do that sort of thing is really nice.

Tonight I'm making Thai food, I think. Green curry fish for certain, and either a stir-fried marinated tofu dish, or maybe a chicken lime salad. Heck, maybe all three, if I get sufficiently ambitious. I can eat leftovers for days, and poor Jed just got braces, so he deserves a treat. No sticky/crunchy foods for 18 months! Oof!

Which reminds me I have to go to the dentist again soon. I hate that. Not worth dwelling on.

Anyway, munchkins, I should get back to work. Talk to you later...(and thanks for the nice e-mails re: hugs :-)

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