See, I told you I’d come…

See, I told you I'd come back...

Okay, it took me a day or two longer than I'd expected, but it really was an insane weekend. It would take more time than I have today to bring y'all up to detailed speed, so the very brief summary:

  • Wednesday: Worked and then had Kaplan class. Tiring, but went okay. Knew Alex (old boyfriend and dear friend) was arriving tonight.
  • Thursday: Worked and then met Alex and his friend David for dinner. Went to Clay Oven in the Haight. Delicious. Discussed financing for Clean Sheets. Did reading at A Different Light. Small, but fun. Sherman came! Read "A Jewel of a Woman" and "Girl Behind the Fantasy".
  • Friday: Called in sick. Tried to rest, but mostly worked at home, not even coming close to catching up. Went to Barnes & Noble bookstore at Fisherman's Wharf and read "Girl Behind the Fantasy" and Susie Day's story from Hot Off the Net, "Clean, Safe, Totally Shameful". Went well. Ran into Guy (from _Sex Toy Tales_) and his wife (name forgotten :( ) who gave me a ride to BART afterwards. Got home late and tired.
  • Saturday: Alex and David came over for brunch. Made cranberry muffins and crepes with strawberries, bananas, Mexican mango, and an onion/potato dish. Orange juice, tea, and daffodils. Lovely morning. Three of us drove up Mount Tamalpais, and then hiked the last bit to the top. I'm in terrible shape. Sat at the top and enjoyed the spectacular 360 degree view of the Bay. Talked about Edinburgh and King Arthur's seat and the view of the city and the Firth of Forth. I started talking about Guinevere and ended up giving a mini-lecture about Guinevere through the ages. Was slightly embarrassed later, but then the woman sitting a little below us turned around and said she'd really found it fascinating. I was intensely happy. I miss teaching! A brief walk at a beach (Stinson?). Lunch at the Pelican Inn, pub food, near Muir Woods. A mild hike through Muir Woods in the late afternoon. Change into Catholic schoolgirl drag at David's, then into the city for dinner at Hanabi (cheap Japanese in the Haight), where we missed Heather and David due to miscommunication (yes, there are two David's in this story), but eventually met up and went to Perverts Put Out reading. Went well. Read a teaser from "Girl Behind the Fantasy", then poem "Confession", then excerpts from porn novella "Temptation", then new poem, first line starting "Imagine me..." still untitled. Oof. Long day!
  • Sunday: Can't remember much. Did weed the herb garden and plant: basil (3), coriander, dill, corn mache (for salads), winter cress, purple sage and peppermint. Very satisfying
  • Monday: Worked and trained replacement. Last day, yippee! Came home, cooked dinner with David (chicken and potato curry, and leftover veggie korma), played Scrabble (he beat me by one point!!!), and played Trivial Pursuit with him and Ellie (even though Ellie and I played as a team, and he had to get every pie twice, he still won. sigh). Talked to Kevin on the phone 'til 1.
  • Tuesday: Woke up at six and wrote mysterious something for Clean Sheets, which I'd tried to do Monday night but failed. Went back to sleep. Slept 'til 11:30. Feel rested for the first time in a week. Got up, finished reading _Mairelon the Magician_ (somewhere in that week I also read two James White sf novels, _On a Bed of Rice: An Asian American Erotic Feast_, and started Nabokov's _Ada_, which I am enjoying but having trouble with. He's too erudite for me!) Ate leftovers. Drank tea. Went out back and dug up the small flower bed, moved the alyssum around (which I'm not sure it'll survive), cut back the California poppy (which I wasn't sure was a good idea), planted two more kinds of CA poppy (purple and yellow, in addition to the red we have), and planted cobalt lobelia. Two hours passed in happy puttering. Started journal entry...
Really, that's the short version. I need to go, though, and find out about flights to Utah in two weeks, and then do my Kaplan prep for class tonight. Tomorrow, perhaps, more. I need to start work on my new tech writing assignment soon -- tomorrow. Ditto catching up on mail. But, lord -- I'm so happy to be free of that temp job...and the herb and flower beds give me much joy. It was also wonderful seeing Alex again.

Later, my dears.

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