1. Mango

Manisha drips it down her pointed chin, careless
as she laughs at my plight. Unable to pick up the phone with
nails and palms dripping with sweet juices. I let it
go -- he will doubtless call again -- let him wonder, and
oh! I would like to lick her clean.

2. Rice

Rain patters against the bamboo walls, and
I raise my head, hear its thrumming, then bend again,
creating patterns of rice grains along her thighs;
every one to be nibbled with my little mouse teeth.

3. Chilies

Can you taste the oil on your lips?
'Hot' doesn't begin to describe it;
it will engulf you, this flame. Her spicy
lips beneath yours, her legs over your shoulders...
Inside her you discover island secrets, enigmas,
excesses -- and you dive down, endlessly
searching for the flaming pearl in the cool blue ocean.

4. Feast

Friends should share their meals --
each mouthful shared between two mouths --
and if I discover in the curve of her breast
sweetly delectable skin, so savory... please,
taste the other breast, and say how they compare...

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