Hey, I’m going to…

Hey, I'm going to Wisconsin!

Not anytime soon; May 28-31, for WisCon, the big feminist SF convention. They're doing a big focus on writers of color, so guess who gets to be a panelist? :-) As conventions go, it's pretty cheap admission ($30-50, and you can get $20 back if you're a panelist or volunteer), and for an added fee, child care is available if you want to bring the munchkins. Would love to meet some of the locals if any of you can make it; Circlet Press and Clean Sheets will also be throwing a joint party one night (date to be determined), so that should be a lot of fun.

You'll undoubtedly hear more about this as the date approaches.

In other news, I have a teaching audition tonight. Actually, by the time I put this entry up, it'll be over, so I'll be able to tell you how it went. It's for Kaplan, one of those companies that do prep stuff for the SAT's, GRE's, etc. It would pay better than the temp work I'm doing now, and it'd actually be teaching, which are both good things. The down side is that it'd be evenings and weekends -- on the other hand, it'd probably be in Berkeley, which is a much shorter commute, and I could work on my own stuff during the day. Well, we'll see how the audition goes -- we have five minutes each to teach the group something. I decided to teach them the Tamil version of "Are You Sleeping" -- they'll already know the tune, hopefully, and I'll give them the words on a sheet, so it shouldn't be too hard, as long as they're not all shy about singing. If it goes well, maybe we can do alternating verses in English and Tamil -- or even English, Tamil, and French.

That'll go 'til 8, should be home by 8:30 or 9 at the latest, and then I put up Clean Sheets (which thanks to Jed's new perl scripts that automate conversion for me now takes only an hour or so if all goes well), and then I go to sleep by 10ish. I slept ten hours last night; with another eight tonight, I should be back to my normal spritely self. :-) Tomorrow evening I plan to take it easy; do some programming homework. Thursday evening might go to another poetry slam with Heather, or might just stay home. Friday going to a cocktail party with Arthur and dinner afterwards, and the weekend's packed...busy busy life...

10:10 - just got home. Meep. Audition went well; getting home took too long. You guys will probably kill me if I tell you that it's going to mean 20 hours of training in the next three weeks (plus travel time), so I won't tell you. On the plus side, the teacher for my tech writing class had a family emergency and resigned (not a plus for her, obviously) and they don't think they'll have a replacement for her 'til April. So I *can't* work on that. I'm going to go to sleep now and do CS in the morning before work. G'night, munchkins.

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