Since we last…

Since we last spoke...

  • I tweaked these pages and put in the day-by-day option.
  • The weather took a turn for the worse.
  • Karina arrived!
  • The airport lost her luggage.
  • With that and traffic and weather and accidents (others') we took much longer getting home than expected.
  • We made a very fast Indian dinner (potato curry and egg curry and broccoli and mushrooms with chili lemon sauce and David's lentils and chili dill carrots and rice).
  • We (David/Karina/Heather/me/Ian/Cliff) had dinner and hung out and played Cranium (okay, David didn't play).
  • I made crepes for Karina (with fresh lemons from the tree and sugar, served *hot*, which Karina insists is essential for crepes).
  • Karina and Cliff and I went to the SFY writing group, where there was much laughter and criticism.
  • Karina and Jed and Cliff and I and Jed's friend Kam went to see Shakespeare in Love which is just absolutely tremendously wonderful -- I had no idea Tom Stoppard was one of the writers on it! Tom Stoppard is the author of my second-favorite play ever! I can't believe I waited this long to see it. I can't believe Kevin went to see it with his mother! (who is, btw, a very nice lady. but still.) You *must* see this play.
  • Some of us went and hung out at a bookstore cafe afterwards. It got late.
  • Cliff took Karina home and I crashed at Jed's 'cause I had an interview at Remedy the next morning.
  • I interviewed at Remedy this morning. For hours and hours. It went reasonably well, I think. I need to fax them my references.
  • I got late enough that I ended up not going in to work, and while I called and tried to get in touch with my boss, I didn't manage it, so I'm slightly apprehensive about work tomorrow, though I'm pretty sure it'll be fine.
  • I gave Karina her Christmas presents. We ate leftover potato curry and watched dumb tv all evening and cuddled on the couch. It was very very nice.
  • I've been just blissfully happy. It's so nice having her here.
  • And now I'm going to sleep. G'night!

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