I’m sick, munchkins, so…

I'm sick, munchkins, so very short entry today. I managed to get through yesterday, mostly by resting and reading children's books (heh) all day until it was time to go to the reading. I actually had a lot of fun at the reading; I got to go last, which is the best placement, in my opinion, for more complicated reasons than I can go into right now. And I got to wear fun skimpy clothes -- the black shirt I bought 'for work' last week came in handy, with a short dark purple skirt, garters, stockings, and boots -- the whole bit. :-) It was a blast, and the other readers were just consistently stunning. Probably the best reading I've ever been to. I think everyone in the audience was either laughing so hard they couldn't breathe, or so turned on they...well...couldn't breathe. It's amazing we survived the experience.

Stayed up too late afterwards, though it was definitely fun. Slept badly and woke often. Roshani called at 8 this morning, and I considered getting up for about half a minute before I realized that I felt too awful to do anything. Went back to sleep. Got up at 9 feeling slightly better, made pumpkin walnut bread, asked Lydia to watch it while I ran to the grocery store (8 blocks away), picked up the fixings for omelettes and cranberry muffins and fresh fruit, ran back, got in the door by 10, where Lydia tells me that my guests called and are running half an hour late, thank the gods, which gives me an hour to check the bread Lydia pulled out (did fine), cut up and lay out the stuff for omelettes (red onion, green peppers, ham, mushrooms, baby spinach, herbed feta, chopped plum tomatoes and fresh grated munster (pretty sure that's spelled wrong)), set the table, make the batter for cranberry muffins, and start them baking. Just as I was setting out the last of the glassware, with everything else done (Lydia helped with dishes, the doll), the guests arrived. Whew!

They had brought bagels and cream cheese and juice, and we all stuffed ourselves. It was lovely. I wouldn't have gone to so much effort for just anyone, but this was Kirstin, my college roommate, in town very briefly with her new fiance, so I *had* to show her a good time, right? It was so nice seeing her again; with any luck, I'll be able to go out a little early for her wedding and spend some time with her beforehand. She's the sensible one among my friends -- she 'mom's' me more than anyone. She also brought along her brothers, who were charming (and live in the area).

After a few hours they had to go, and I admit that I didn't protest too much 'cause I was starting to feel awful again. I had some tea, which helped a little, and checked e-mail for the first time that day, which helped too (yes, I'm a junkie, I admit it), and read the Sunday funnies and vegged out with the roommies for a while. Then I started feeling really crummy. Then I watched Sense and Sensibility with Lydia, and now I'm writing this journal entry, and then will try to decide whether to just have a frozen dinner tonight, or if I should cook curry so I'll have food for the next few days of work (that'd be the virtuous thing to do). We'll see.

Okay, that wasn't so short. But now I really will go, 'cause my head feels like it's going to explode. I owe lots of people mail -- soon, I promise. Really.

G'night, my dears.

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