Gods, this morning was…

Gods, this morning was miserable. It's not just that it was Monday, though now that I've rejoined the ranks of the 9 to 5'ers (although it's actually 8:30 to 5:30, but never mind that), I once again remember what Mondays are like. But I set my alarm for 5:30 as usual, must have knocked the volume down accidentally, and actually woke up to very softly playing music at 6:25 or so. And I spent a good ten minutes feeling exhausted ('cause I slept badly and woke every few hours or so, convinced it was time to get up) and not believing it really was 6:30, because it was pitch black outside. This turned out to be because it was pouring rain. That was *so* disheartening. Meep.

The day has already improved a little. Ian agreed to drop me at BART, so I don't have to walk four blocks in the rain and then wait for a bus to take me to BART. It won't save me any time, since he's taking a little longer to get ready, but it'll make life more pleasant, especially since his car now has windows. (He has a Volkswagon Thing, which has detachable everything, and was a great car for when he lived in Hawaii, but doesn't quite cope with even a California winter. He finally got windows, which helps immensely. I think Ellie mostly got them for him, actually. Thank you El!).

And now it's 7:20, and I'm dressed and tea has been drunk, and the sky has brightened somewhat -- it's really quite gorgeous outside, in its own way. Everything wet and misty -- the houses are clearer near the bottom, but as your eye goes up the hillside, they blur more and more, until they finally disappear into the mist. The world is grey and green and silver and blue (which is a little funny, 'cause so is the dress I'm wearing today), with the small golden lights of windows where people are awake being quite cheering. Look, I'm not the only one who has to be up now... :-)

I don't really have so much to say. Did I mention that Heather took the survey too? And she even did an entry after that. Yeah, Heather! :-) And one of my readers is starting his own journal, which is very exciting. I've seen the mock-up, and if it's okay with him, I'll point y'all to it when it's actually up.

I may write again when I come home. In the interim, have a good day, my dears. Better than my morning, at any rate.

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