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If you've somehow managed not to run into the following survey in the last few days, you're not reading enough journals.

The Survey

Nicknames: Hmm, I'm not much of a nickname person. Mary Anne doesn't really lend itself to nicknames. There have been a few people who called me Kat sometimes (for Kateri, one of my middle names), and one who called me Kate (ditto previous), which I actually kind of liked. A few people have considered Marushka (which I think is some Russian version of Mary Anne or Mary or something like that), but it never quite stuck. And one boyfriend used to call me pooka (sometimes modified to pooka-insert animal of your choice, e.g. pooka-armadillo, although he never actually used armadillo), but only he got away with that, so don't you even think about it.

Hometown: Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Grew up in New Britain, CT. You choose.

Croutons or Bacon Bits: I'm still learning to eat salad. I tend to stick with lettuce or spinach, oil and vinegar. Maybe a fresh sliced tomato. Sri Lankans don't eat raw vegetables in their native habitat. Or at least my family doesn't.

Favorite Salad Dressing: See above. I think most salad dressings are evil. Too sweet. Spawn of Satan. You get the idea.

Do you drink: Sometimes, though not much. A glass of wine is enough to make me tipsy. Don't believe what Ian and Cliff tell you about my drinking habits. They lie through their teeth.

Shampoo or conditioner: Are you asking if I do? Do I have to choose one or the other? I generally prefer Salon Selectives, regular shampoo and conditioner. Lightly fruit-scented stuff is good, especially apple. I still miss the Halsa Walnut Leaves shampoo -- I think they must have discontinued it, because I can't find it anywhere. That was my favorite.

Have you ever gone skinny dipping: C'mon...I went to Pennsic. I'm not sure you can go to Pennsic and NOT go skinny-dipping. I was really nervous, though. It took me to the last day to work up the nerve. And then when I got there, the place was full of kids and grandparent-types and I just felt like a goose for waiting so long. It had been really hot, and if I'd gone swimming every day that week, I would have been a lot happier. Stupid inhibitions.

Do you make fun of people: I have a horrible instinct to act nice. It's not my fault. The nuns indoctrinated me young. I only make fun of people in my head. Mostly, anyway.

Favorite color: esthely blue (This will only make sense to those of you who've read my story. If you aren't on the reading list and want to be, send me mail.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Not even close. Remember the nuns? I'm appallingly law-abiding, as well as polite. I don't even think I've broken many laws.

One pillow or two?: Often none. I also used to sleep on the floor on a bamboo mat. Yes, there's a little bit of masochist in all of us. My back hurt less back then, though.

Pets: I wish. My kitten ran away. Of course, she wasn't a kitten anymore at that point, but Kevin was so insistent on calling her Kitten instead of her real name (Chandi, which is another name for Kali, the goddess of death and destruction. Isn't that a good name for a cat? I thought so...), that it just stuck, and I continued to think of her as a kitten long after she became a beautiful glossy black cat. She ran away one day not long after accidentally getting locked out of the house in the pouring rain. Yes, I still feel guilty.

Favorite Type of Music: I have a sad weakness for musicals. Classical is good for writing to, especially Bach (which I used to hate as a kid, because it can be sort of tedious to play on the piano; very regulated and rhythmic...I suspect I'd like it more now, if I ever practiced). And, of course, Celtic stuff. I should've been born a Celt, darn it. With deep green eyes, and straight auburn hair. We all have secret desires. Okay, mine aren't so secret.

Hobbies: books books books dancing books books checking mail books running up huge phone bills books books books!

Dream Car: Something that isn't too hard to drive. And doesn't break down much. Maybe a Saturn.

Type of Car you drive now: First I have to finish learning how to drive.

Words or phrases you overuse: Umm...I dunno. Ask David or Kevin or Roshani. They might know.

Toothpaste: Only when I have to. Colgate right now, I suppose. When I remember.

Favorite Food: You expect me to pick one? If I had to be stranded on a desert island with only one type of food...well, curry of course. That covers a multitude of sins...

Piercing or tattoos: Just the traditional single hole in each ear, and even that my mother had to severely bribe me to get. Kind of fond of them now. I rather like the idea of tattoos, but don't feel strongly enough about any design to know that I want it on my body for the rest of my life.

On-line Crush: Umm...well, a lot of my crushes are on-line, but I don't know them from there usually, so it doesn't really count.

Current boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes. Wow...this is the first time in something like seven years that I've only been seriously involved with one person. Very strange.

Most romantic thing that ever happened to you: Names removed to protect the terminally embarrassed. Imagine the following series of events:

X and I are talking. X is a friend who's hitting on me, not too seriously:

X: What would you really like? What could I give you to convince you to go out with me?
Me: (laughing) Hmm...I want castles in Spain. (Reference to The Swordsmen, who perform at Renaissance Faires all over the place). Or just castles. Heck, one castle will do.
X: Well, you're moving to California. I could come out and take you to visit Hurst Castle. (Popular tourist attraction)

This is sort of pitiful, but funny. Later that evening, I'm talking to Y, current boyfriend. I tell him the story. We laugh.

Months later, it's my birthday. I get a big box. I open it. Inside is a jigsaw puzzle, a three-dimensional reproduction of Camelot. I think this is way cool and tell him so. Y says:

Y: See...*I* got you a castle!

If you don't think that's utterly romantic, I don't know how to talk to you. He's going to kill me for telling that story.

How do you characterize yourself (a hopeless romantic or non-romantic)? Without hesitation, hopeless romantic. Give me sunsets and waterfalls and starry nights and long walks and candlelit dinners and wine by the fireside. Not to mention stories of undying, impossible love. I've probably seen Camelot twenty times.

Do you get along with your parents?: Heh. You haven't been reading my journal very long, eh? That means, not often.

Favorite town to chill in: Currently Salt Lake City, by pure happenstance. Hmm...if I could pick anywhere, perhaps Nuwara Eliya, up in the hill country of Sri Lanka. It's so peaceful there, it's scary...

Favorite Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, without a doubt. Which is everyone else's favorite too, right? Right?

Favorite Drink: TEA!! (Currently Stash Chai, water just boiled, steeped at least three minutes, add one teaspoon sugar and a little milk and serve.)

What's your bed time?: 10-ish on my own, anytime up to 3 a.m. when Kevins in town. Bad Kevin. Evil Kevin.

Adidas, Nike or Reebok: No opinion whatsoever.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Jasmine or sandalwood oil. Oils are cheaper than good perfumes and last a lot longer.

Favorite Song at the moment: (I'm getting burned out. Hopefully this won't last much longer). Bread, by The Billy's, a defunct group that did some break-your-heart songs with just bizarre lyrics (including one called Chain Letter, which if it wouldn't violate copyright I'd post in its entirety cause it's both funny and apropos). The bread song starts with: She's a video vixen and a mall muffin, with a teflon tongue; she's a tough one. TV and movies, much too much -- she's in tune but out of touch. He's a birkenstock bubba, drinks Blue Sky cola; sucker of soy beans and granola. Plans appointments by the moon -- he's in touch but out of tune...

Favorite Movie(s): Sense and Sensibility. Star Trek III (yes, I know I'm odd. Everyone else likes II. I like II too -- I just like III better). Star Wars, the first one. Fame. (I'm trying to remember what movies I've watched at least three times). Ladyhawke. Labyrinth. Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Favorite TV Shows: Star Trek. Next Gen. Deep Space 9. Those are the constants. I used to watch Fame until it went off the air. I sometimes go on Friends binges. Ditto Mad About You. I could see getting addicted to Frasier. Sit-coms are dangerous. And I'm sure I would have been addicted to Babylon 5 if I ever let myself watch more than one episode in a row.

Favorite Novel: Argh! How can you ask me that??? I refuse, I categorically refuse to answer that question. People would be hurt. I don't care if they're all dead...

Favorite Website: You mean aside from my own, and related sites? mouthorgan has to win.

Favorite subject in school: English Lit, naturally. Though I loved theater too -- I just wasn't nearly as good at it.

Least Favorite Subject: Calculus. (Yes, the irony that Kevin taught this for years has not escaped me. Thank you.)

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Hard cider. Blackthorn or Strongbow, preferably. Not Woodpecker too sweet.

Favorite chick drink: Umm...I'm not sure what chick drinks are. Mixed drinks? Whiskey sour, I guess. Does that count?

Favorite Sport to watch: Soccer. I watched the entire World Cup with my dad once. Taped it too.

Most recent humiliating moment: Walking out of a job interview and realizing in the elevator (looking at the mirrored doors) that my shirt wasn't nearly as opaque as I'd thought it was. Meep.

Loudest person you know: Lydia.

Craziest person or silliest you know: Silliest is possibly Alex Lamb, although a couple of people might have to fight for it. Craziest...heck, that might be me.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas. Yes, I'm a goober. I like the music too. Sue me.

What do you look for in a mate/lover: Tons of intelligence and a kind heart in a lover. For anything long-term, I require integrity too.

The worst thing that has happened to you in the past couple months: Breaking up with David, even if it needed to happen.

Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you and be sure to send it back to them: Oh, thank the gods we're done. Why did I start doing this again? I stole this off the net. Nobody sent it to me at all, so I don't need to send it to anyone. Huzzah!

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