Only six more shopping…

Only six more shopping days 'til Christmas! Aaaigghhhh!

Actually, I'm in pretty good shape. Just Kevin's sister for immediate needs, and Karina and Lydia's girls for less immediate needs. Today I put my family's presents in the mail...

Three exciting things happened yesterday. They are:

  • I had my first driving lesson. Two hours, and we covered driving on busy city streets, driving up and down hills, parallel parking on hills, and driving on the highway. At night. Meep. It went pretty well, though driving on the highway was frankly terrifying (bright lights! fast cars!), and the old black gentleman who was teaching me had no patience for fools, either on the road or sitting next to him. He expected that if he told me something once, I would damn well remember it, thank you very much. He also had something of a (Southern?) drawl, so it was a little hard to understand him. But overall, it went pretty well.

  • I beat David at Scrabble! Okay, this doesn't sound so exciting. But if you've been following this journal, you'll remember that I've only beaten him at Scrabble once before, in about 50 games. I had a lot of advantages -- we split the S's, and he drew the Z, but I got both blanks, and the J, Q, and X. We both got reasonable draws otherwise throughout the game -- never all vowels or all consonants, the banes of my Scrabble existence. And I managed to put together two 7-letter words (asinine and seventy), only one of which I managed to play, but still...a close match (he actually helped with my placement of my last E, which won the game by a few points) and a great triumph. :-)

  • And most exciting...or most surprising, at any rate: Kevin showed up at my door in the midst of the Scrabble game last night. He was supposed to drive straight through to his sister's place, and see me on Sunday, but instead decided to surprise me. I was delightfully surprised. :-)
That's all for now. I'm going to get dressed and pack up my presents and head down to the post office, I think, and then probably go to the cafe and either revise another story or write a new sf one. I sort of promised the group I would. Only really have one idea, though, and I'm not sure I can do anything decent with it... In any case, have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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