Once again, I refer you…

Once again, I refer you elsewhere -- this time to Todd's eloquent comments on the bombing of Iraq. He thought it out better than I had, and I agree with him, pretty much. (I'm not positive Hussein needed to be bombed by anyone, but that may just be because of my ignorance. Even though I'm no longer in the university, I tend to live in a self-made ivory tower -- don't read the news, don't watch much tv, etc. If I didn't read journals, I might have no idea what was going on in the world. This is not a good thing -- I just have finite time and other priorities.)

If you follow his link over to Diane's journal (and yes, I'm an evil person for pointing you to so many time-taking journals in such a short time. Sue me.) then you'll get a cogent analysis of the arguments against impeachment. And her own mixed feelings about the bombing delaying the impeachment hearings until January (when the new Congress comes in). I'm right with her there too. Didn't anyone see 'Wag the Dog'? Does it not matter? Are they right?

Maybe the reason I don't pay more attention to politics is that it makes me sick to my stomach -- but that's no excuse. I have this idea, perhaps illusionary, that if I stick to my little specialty area of sex education/exploration/analysis, I can maybe make a difference in the world. And that I should be focusing my energy there. And I wouldn't know where to start with making changes in things like the way the U.S. bullies the rest of the world. But that isn't really an excuse, is it? I'm a bright person. I ought to take a shot at it, at least...

I guess I'm still hoping that I'll have more influence if I become a really good writer. Fingers crossed. My mother certainly doesn't think so.

Sorry. I've been having stress with my family again -- nothing new. And I'm just so tired of some of the other ongoing problems in my life -- part of me just wants to make a clean sweep. Move to China. Okay, not China. Australia, maybe.

On the plus side, David drove me to the DMV today. We picked up a booklet, and then went to an IHOP where I took an hour to read through it and memorize some relevant numbers (0.08%, 15 m.p.h., 100 feet). Then I took the permit test - 38 questions, 5 mistakes allowed. I missed two questions. Did you know that you're allowed to have open alcohol containers in your trunk? Why in the world would you keep open alcohol containers in your trunk? The other one was just a dumb mistake. So, I'm legally allowed to drive around with friends in the car. I'm going to try and take some lessons in the next couple of days. If I can get over my nervousness, I may be a real live licensed driver soon.

Another step on the road to adulthood. Long road.

Gods, I'm sorry I'm so moody these days. I should stabilize soon, with any luck. Hope y'all are having better weeks than I am.

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