Hmm…our staff isn’t…

Hmm...our staff isn't doing so well this week. Kirstin is basically my right-hand chick on Clean Sheets -- does everything, knows everything. Last night the ceiling of the apartment above her went, and the pipes, drenching everything in her bedroom in three feet of water, including her computer. Ouch. She was going to put together a humor column on the quick to replace the scheduled how-to column of Heather's. I hoped I had something on file, but I can't find anything. I'm tempted to just leave it -- we have two new reviews instead of one this week, and two fiction pieces as well (since they're both quite short), and new poetry. Which ought to be sufficient...but I'd really rather be consistent about putting up a new article every week.

Well, take a look and tell me what you think, if you have an opinion. I'm waffling. And if you have any good sex jokes, you could send 'em to me.

Not much else to report -- spent most of yesterday catching up on e-mail and doing Clean Sheets. I was pretty dozy all day 'cause in the morning they'd been jackhammering on the steps right outside Bryan and Elissa's living room window (where I was comfortably esconced on the couch). Went out for a nice walk and dinner with Elissa (Bryan was out at a talk), and watched some tv with her in the evening. Did the crossword with Bryan.

Are you familiar with the Times crossword? As I understand it, it gets harder each day, cycling from Monday to Sunday. So the Monday one is the easiest, and Sunday the hardest. David just whips through the Sunday one, 'cause he's a crossword puzzle fiend. Bryan wanted to try it -- Monday was a breeze and Tuesday was pretty easy too. I'm actually kind of eager to see how we do on Wednesday -- I have a suspicion we're getting close to our limits. We make a good team on this, 'cause I'm pretty good with trivia stuff, and he knows a lot of the weirdo crossword puzzle words/conventions. I can see how this could become addictive.

Lunch with the people from Melcher, lug my bags over to Alex's, dinner with the U Chicago people, hopefully. Should be fun. In between, more work. :-) Lots of stories to read and crit this week -- I have writer's group meetings Sunday and Tuesday.

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