Gosh…there’s so much…

Gosh...there's so much going on, I don't know where to start. I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed these days...

Finished another stage of the tech writing thing, pretty much. Two days off now, and then frenzied revision before we send draft #2 to the client. This is going to be an *insane* weekend. Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me.

Clean Sheets goes up again tonight -- should be fine, I hope. We have all sorts of cool new stuff. I *really* could use a personal assistant on this -- I'm having a hard time keeping track of everything that needs to be done. In the immediate future - get incorporation info, dammit. Find out about the counter from Jane. Try and lighten the load on Kirstin, who is wearing something like 8 different hats for Clean Sheets. The woman barely sleeps, and she has no time to buy shoes. Find another art editor. Think about money, ick yuck. Get the archive up and running (that's the priority for tomorrow, actually).

Then there's revising a fiction piece for Scarlet Letters's next issue, on polyamory. (They're using two of my poems. :-) Revising "Esthely Blue" and sending it out. Maybe Thursday will be revision day. Or maybe tomorrow will, and I'll do the archive Thursday. We'll see.

Then Friday, back to tech writing for the day. Fly back to California in the evening. More tech writing in the morning. Possibly recording some poets for Clean Sheets Saturday afternoon. Party Sat. night. Sunday, read and critique material for afternoon sf writing workshop. Monday, hopefully finish tech writing draft #2 for client. Somewhere in there, make sure that I'll be able to work in Connecticut and New York. Fly to Connecticut Monday night on the red-eye. Rest for a week, and then start going crazy again the following Monday. :-)

Sorry to bore you with all that, but it helps me keep it straight to write it out. I'm feeling pretty wiped now, so I think I might go nap for an hour or two, then get up and put up Clean Sheets. It went pretty smoothly last week; hopefully today will be equally painless.

Thanks to all of you who send kind words on "Minal in Winter". I got a pretty harsh critique back this morning, and was really shaken for a while. It definitely helped being able to chant quietly in my head -- "Well, Jed liked it, and Meg liked it, and Kevin said it was fine, and David liked it...so it can't be *that* bad..." Jed and I talked a while last night about the rewards of being a writer, and it's definitely true that praise is way up there on the list of what makes this worthwhile. Go write your favorite author a note (they probably have a web page). Tell 'em how much you like their stuff. Be a goopy fan boy or fan girl. If they're really famous, tell them they don't have to write back. I think even really famous people must still appreciate fan mail, especially fan mail that is detailed and specific.

Me, I'm going to nap. :-)

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