Well, another issue of…

Well, another issue of Clean Sheets is up, with fewer mishaps this time around. :-) We've got a story by Diane Kepler (who also wrote an article for us last week that was quite popular), a poem by Craig Parker (an Indiana friend of Heather's), a book review of Dorothy Allison's _Skin_, and an article by Jaie on clit stimulation. :-) Lots of fun, and the site just keeps getting sharper and cleaner.

It was definitely a bummer taking down "How to Suck" and "To Lola, with Love" and Eric Albert's poem and that Carol Queen book review. Weird, too. Good thing we'll be able to move a lot to archive soon.

The other exciting news is that the new Bookstore Managers are up and running! Shmuel and Bob have kindly taken that over, and matters are proceeding apace. We should soon have a beautifully up-to-date bookstore...and perhaps by January we can manage a search engine.

Hmm...maybe I can persuade someone to take over our links page too. We haven't even started that... Not sure it's as much fun as a bookstore, though, even a virtual one.

In other news (what! you mean there's something in her life OTHER than Clean Sheets??!), I'm busy packing and cleaning today, 'cause I'm leaving town again tomorrow. Yup, it's another hop over to Salt Lake City. I'll be there until November 20th this time (a nice long visit), and I hope to get lots of work done. It's mighty peaceful there. The tech writing project is finally starting up again (tomorrow, in fact), so I ought to be busy.

And *then* I'll be back for just a few days before leaving again -- on the evening of the 23rd, to go visit the folks for Thanksgiving. Spend a week there, and then a few days in New York, hopefully seeing Manny and Naomi (newly engaged), Elissa and Bryan, and Alex and the new chick (who isn't so new anymore, but whose name I am sadly forgetting). Who else do I know in New York? I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. I hope I'll be able to work in these places -- I'll bring the laptop, of course, but I'm not sure how easy the net connection thing will be. I only have a local ISP, and I don't think they have an east coast dial-in. Still, I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Craziness. I'm not sure I'm cut out for this jet-setting life. But it seems to be my main mode of operation these days, so perhaps I'd best get used to it.

Hey, Todd. You reading this? You and Debby want to come up to New York for a day?

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