Hey, munchkins. Well,…

Hey, munchkins. Well, Clean Sheets went up relatively smoothly last night, inasmuch as it could. We've rescheduled the bdsm column to appear every other month (ditto website review), so one of the promised items isn't there. And the woman who does the art had a night class last night and the one before (in addition tto her day job), so art will probably go up later today. But otherwise, everything went pretty smoothly, with new poetry from Jianda Johnson and Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien, a new article from Diane Kepler (who will be giving us a fiction piece next week), and a new editorial on CDA-II from me. Stop by, check it out, lemme know if anything's broken, etc. :-)

Hmm...lots of errands and puttering today. The main project is to finish Chris's vest before I leave town tomorrow (which may be as early as 10 a.m., which means it would really make sense to finish it today, if I can. I *can* get up early tomorrow, but attending a con usually means staying up late...well, we'll see). That's really it for now -- I'm waiting for some tech writing work, so in the interim, I'm mostly just getting little things done. Tonight we're going to make Middle Eastern food, yumyum. Hopefully we can persuade Chris to join me and Heather and David. Hummus and tabouleh and pita for sure, probably an eggplant tomato stew over rice, and perhaps another entree.

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