This month is flying…

This month is flying by.

Lots of little things to note. Reader Sean tells me that Cassiopeia is actually Cassiopeia's Chair -- that if you take the "W" and rotate it about 70 degrees, it actually does look like a chair, or a throne. But then he notes that it looks more like a "W". :-) Still, it's nice to know these things.

I read Neil Gaiman's novel, _Neverwhere_, last night. Sort of a darker de Lint, and I enjoyed it immensely. I'm still mourning Sandman, but if he continues to produce books like this one (and there are two more slated, at least), then I may someday forgive him. The novel made me want to go to London again. I'm a bit bewildered, though -- there's a tube map in the front, because much of the book's action takes place in the tube and stations, and I couldn't find Elephant & Castle on it. Am I just confused? Is that a pub, rather than a station? I must have *some* Brit reader out there who can tell me...

Very mellow day today. Alternating bits of real work with sewing, reading and cooking. Sewing an Empire-style gown (I went for green) for Halloween. I may never work with chiffon again -- I had no idea it was so much more of a pain than silk. Reading Bill Brent's magazine, _Black Sheets_ right now, and really enjoying it -- this issue's "The Return of the Damn Bisexuals" :-). There's a poem of mine, "Morning After" on the inside front cover. Bill's got a lot of content in his magazine, which is nice. I *hate* slick mags which are nothing but sound bytes. Cooking Ethiopian food today -- I found out that I can buy shiro, the powdered spiced chick pea base, in the same store where I can pick up fresh injera. I'm in love. I made shiro we't for lunch, and it was delicious, though too oily! The recipe called for 1.5 c. oil, so I made it that way, and it's tremendously rich. Next time I'll try using just a cup. I'm planning to make a tomato and green chili salad and chicken tibs to go with the shiro and injera for dinner. I'd put up the shiro recipe here, except that if you can't buy the shiro powder near you, it'll just drive you nuts, since I don't know any place to mail order it.

Later today I hope to finish some of the half-read books in my stack. I hate having several books that I'm partway through. Not sure how it happened. Disconcerting.

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