I think it’s Thursday. …

I think it's Thursday. I've lost track a bit. Been swamped with work, both from the tech writing project and from Clean Sheets, and I just haven't gotten much sleep. I'm a little cranky. But the worst is over I think, and today can be a slower-paced day. I hope.

So, didn't anyone go look at yesterday's updates? No comments from any of you! No critique! You guys don't love me anymore...how am I supposed to do this right if you don't tell me what I'm doing wrong? :-)

I added a lube review, two poems, the art gallery (well, actually, Kirstin added that), a new editorial and a humor column. Today I think I'm going to try to get our bookstore up and running -- or at least the basic form of it. To do it properly, we'd need a search feature. I need to think about how best to organize it in the interim. Simply by date mentioned in the magazine doesn't seem to make much sense. By category, I suppose. Maybe I'll do a bookstore index page, and then link to subpages for each category. Hmmm...

I know I complain about the workload, but I really do love both the magazine and my role in it. There's a part of me that is deeply satisfied by organizing things (bringing order into chaos -- yet another battle in the hopeless war against entropy), like reshelving books, and putting together easy-to-get-around-in web pages really satisfies that need. I know we hope to make money off Clean Sheets eventually, but in the interim, it's really nice to be providing something like this to the net.

I did manage to read a new book yesterday, in between work -- David Weber's _On Basilisk Station_. I'll warn you, after a slightly slow start, this one is a page-turner, with a totally frantic plot that makes it hard to put it down. It's military sf, and a lot of fun, with a charming protagonist. If you liked Bujold, you'd probably like this, and vice versa. Though Bujold goes somewhat deeper, I think. Of course, I've only read the first one of this series, and I've read all 11 or so of Bujold's Vorkosigan novels. Maybe once I've finished the Weber books I'll reassess.

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